North Pole Breakfast with Elf on the Shelf ~ 6th Annual: Elf Theme!

Well, it’s December 1st again! Families with elves, you know what that means… our scout elves have returned from the North Pole to kick off the start of our advent.  This year’s theme is Elf. 💗

NPB Table 2


I started with the grand entry from an idea I saw on Pinterest with plastic tablecloths. I cut them into strips and hung them from the  ceiling.


My inspiration for decorating in the elf theme came from the movie Elf and decorating for a movie night with family last year.  I liked the white snowflakes and paper chains because it was festive, affordable, and easy, plus, one of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Santa comes to the mall!


I used the “Santa’s coming. I know him!” banner printable from that I had printed last year (found on Pinterest).


I used a colorful striped wrapping paper across the table and the back window for a pop of color. Also affordable, easy to decorate with, and easy to clean up afterward.

Advent Table

I sewed an elf table runner and place mats with material I bought online at Joanns.  I love that we can reuse them all season and every year. This is my first ever DIY set (last years’ didn’t count caused I used a glue gun, bahahaha). Not too bad! It was a pretty easy project and fast. 🙂


My sister, who knows I love EotS, gifted me with the tableware set last year.

Dishes 1

Dishes 2

I just love all of the elf accessories and decorations I was able to find at Hobby Lobby.

Trinkets 2

Trinkets 1

For breakfast, I made cinnamon streusel muffins, a cinnamon and white powder donut hole tree, a blueberry braid Danish, raspberry Danishes with an almond glaze and slivered almonds (these were amazing), chocolate pretzels, miniture faux Cocoa mugs from marshmallows and candy canes,  white chocolate dipped strawberries with sprinkles, turkey sausage,  vanilla yogurt parfaits with a graham cracker crust topped with kiwi slices, and of course, elf sugar cookies.

NPB Table 3

NPB Table 1


Blueberry Danish Braid

Raspberry Danish

Donut Tree

Parfait 1

Parfait 2


marshmallow cocoa mugs

muffin stand 1

Elf Cookies

Elf Pick

I just love the elf glass food pick that I found at Hobby Lobby. It came with 3 other picks, but they didn’t match the theme and didn’t have a food that needed them. They’ll come in handy later, though!

The elf stocking “stands” are from Walmart. I actually got them last year after Christmas in preparation for this breakfast!

Advent Table 4

I used a canvas I already had and painted the elf surveillance picture for us to use all season.

Elf canvas

Elf canvas 2

I printed off an image and taped it to a cardboard canvas, as well as made a sign for our annual breakfast.

mini canvas

Our elf picture is from, you guessed it-Hobby Lobby!

candy 2

Of course I had to decorate with candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. I was so excited to find Christmas colored candy corn at Tuesday Morning. The miniatures syrup bottles were from Cracker Barrel… I love miniature accessories. We have only had rock candy once, so I thought it would be a special treat to have the Christmas colored rock candy as part of an elf food group.

candy 1

candy 3


This adorable night light was found on Amazon, as well as the miniature elves having a snowball fight. I tossed in some small pompoms to look like more snowballs.



Our North Pole breakfasts always include hot cocoa. We usually end up saving it for our movie night, which is the Elf movie tonight. There were marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and regular or peppermint hot cocoa to choose from. They also have the choice of oj or water instead. 🙂

Hot Cocoa 1

Elf mini girl

Hot Cocoa 2

Hot Cocoa 3

This year, I invited our neighbors to have breakfast with us and celebrate, so I had some elf treat boxes.

Treat Box

The advent calendar is the I made years ago, with the directions on a previous blog post. It’s holding up pretty well! I want to make more for gifts. 💓

Advent Table 3

Elf trinket

Every year, the children get pajamas for the season. This year, I decided in addition to new pajamas I would make them elf pillow cases. They’re in the North Pole boxes. 🙂  Now to learn to make fitted sheets. ☺


Elf Pillowcase

One gift I think is really special (and I hope the children agree) is the book from Shutterfly with the past 5 years or of our elf antics and random acts of kindness. I will leave it out all season for the children to enjoy.





I hope this Elf theme North Pole Breakfast has inspired you! Thanks for visiting my page; don’t forget to save to Pinterest. 🙂  Happy Elfing!






New Grammar Intro Ideas- Updated

Hello! If you’re looking for an easy, fall back list of ideas of introducing your students/children to new grammar, here it is!

I have kept my ideas that worked from my original list on here and have added a few new ones that I learned this past year.

The free printable is at the bottom of this page. Have fun!


After printing the simple list, I taped it on the inside of my weekly community planner:


New Grammar Intro Ideas


2017 Elf on the Shelf Calendar and Activities – 100 Ideas!

Hello, all! I am indoors, trying to stay occupied while the wind whistles in the air and rain pounds on the roof…just thankful the electricity is still on here. I am so ready to plan for our elves! How about you?

I have been working on the calendar for a week, I painted an elf canvas the other day (can’t wait for reveal), and made some really cute elf crafts.

Sharing this year’s calendar with you and some ways you can use it!

  1. Print out page 1 and follow along or mark them out after you’ve done them
  2. Print out pages 2-4 and laminate, mark them off after you’ve done them
  3. Print out pages 2-4 and cut them, glue or tape them on a current calendar, in any order that works for you
  4. Don’t print anything and just write down the ones you like on your calendar 😀

Here is just a sample of the calendar:

calendar 1

calendar 2

There are 100 ideas!! So don’t feel overwhelmed; I just wanted to have a lot of options for easy days, activities, fun, or some that take prep. Plus, you can use this for a few years because the ones with pics aren’t in a 2017 calendar.

Some of these you may have already done, but I’ve included a lot of new ones for this year, as well. I can’t wait to get started!

Some other options to look into are the Shepherd in the Search and Kindness Elves. Similar concept, but with a more Christ centered approach. I like to keep our ideas clean and family friendly.

So if you’d like the calendar, here is the link (don’t worry, the dotted lines don’t print):

2017 Elf on the Shelf Calendar

Lightweight, Easy, DIY Dry Erase Board

Looking for a cheaper “dry erase” board? A shower board is a great alternative, but it’s SO heavy! I’ve used it for 2 years and finally have decided the best use for the shower board…hanging on my wall and as a lego table, lol.

This year, I am trying something new. At the end of our last cycle I made a dry erase board from dry erase foam boards that I purchased at Michaels, with a coupon. 🙂 They come in a package of 2 and while that is plenty large enough for some of you, you can purchase another set and still make a trifold or use all 4! What would that be called? A quartfold? Hahaha. Someone out there probably knows. 🙂

Anyway, it was really simple. I just used dry erase duct tape to hold the edges together and I used mini page protectors that are made for the small binders to hold the Timeline cards. I taped the inside top of the protector to the top of the board and folded the tape over the back. The woodland critter subject titles are a post from a couple of years ago on the blog.


Felt Map Puzzle

I found these awesome felt USA maps at Target and decided to buy 2 and cut one up to make a puzzle. It’s a decent size for my children to see the states, has the capitals, and it came with some landmarks to attach. It was a big hit! I am so thankful for ideas that keep us from always doing worksheets!




I left the smaller states grouped together to make it easier to cut and handle. It’s probably not best for the wall (it’s kinda large) because although the 2 felts stick well enough to each other to not slide around, I don’t think it would stick well enough if it was upright. My children love getting it out and “playing” with it, so it’s a win for us!

Back To School Celebration and Traditions (Apple Theme)


So, “Back To School” is different for everyone. Some homeschoolers take a break, some go year round, and some of us don’t know what we’re doing, lol. 🙂 So, there may not be a specific “back to school” day. If you homeschool year round, maybe you can still celebrate between cycles: after testing, after finishing a grade level, or a set number of books if you don’t do any of those.

This year our plans were derailed! I had planned to not take a break and we ended up taking a break so long that our first official day of schooling was certainly memorable for me, but not what I expected, haha.

I kind of pick my BTS theme based on what I find in the store that I think is cute when supplies make their ways to the shelf. This year, it’s apples…again, rofl. Really, those woodland critters are still a winner, but it’s hard to find that stuff and it also makes a perfect First Day of Fall theme, so it’s taken.

Here is our simple, easy celebration for our first day of school!


I found these apple printables on Google because I wasn’t having much luck finding free ones on Pinterest.


I found this cute chalkboard sign at Michaels. 🙂 ❤



The “pencils” are pretzel sticks with candy melts. My daughter absolutely loves covered pretzels. I have no idea why. Lol.


We created these little apple pretzel bites in the kitchen together. She is 7, so she loves helping in the kitchen and especially if it’s sweets.




I used construction paper and taped some leaves and stems to the red balloons. I hope they look like apples and not tomatoes. hahaha


The printables are from but I got them from Google images.







My Little Pony Birthday

My youngest “baby” turned 8 today. It’s a bittersweet event. This year she requested a My Little Pony theme out of the blue. Half the year she said she wanted a Shopkins birthday again. I kept everything. :/ It’s a good thing you can find so many free printables online. I only had to buy plates, a cup, and a couple of drinks.


I used party décor that could already compliment a MLP theme.


Thankfully, I also found some MLP posters while visiting my Mom. I had them saved away in keepsakes. I used my daughter’s little ponies for the props and I would say it turned out great for almost free!


I dressed up Isabella, her AG doll. I found mini party hats at Target that I was saving for an AG tea party (still to come).


I almost went with the usual go-to birthday breakfast for us: pancakes. It’s nothing fancy or memorable, though and wondered what I could do instead. But, I already had made the confetti sprinkle pancakes, cinnamon streusel muffins, and bought donuts (her fave breakfast). No worries…they don’t eat all that in one morning. 🙂  I decided to add some topping and make it a pancake bar for a special treat. I’ve been saving up ideas from Pinterest for when we do a sleepover/party (yes, also still to come) and thought I would give a mini version a try. She loved it! My son loved the yogurt parfait the best. That’s unusual for him, so I was pleased!

I had to go with what I already had on hand since it was so spur of the moment.







I made these polymer clay sweet treats ornaments a few years ago for a Sweet Shoppe theme I had for them. It’s one of my daughter’s favorite birthday decorations every year. She loves to play with them.

I want to make more if I ever have the time. 😀

I used my chalk markers to make a sign for her.


This year, instead of the regular ‘ol balloons cascading into her room when she opens the door, I wanted something “more”…something meaningful and special. So, I aired up the balloons and wrote scripture on them with a marker as I prayed for her. I am calling them Blessing Balloons! 🙂 I thought it would be so much more meaningful having blessings flow on her! She saw them and said she wants to read them and keep them. ❤



I also have birthday magnets on the fridge, a cupcake birthday towel in the bathroom for her, window cling on the back door, a birthday flag in the garden, and window clings on the window where she sits in the vehicle. Usually, we throw some balloons in there with her, but the weather temp here is at the melting degree.

Some fun things we also do: a birthday scavenger hunt, birthday child gets to do everything first (eat, check the mail, out the door, etc), picks lunch and dinner, and most activities for the day. She wanted to go to the pool, which we did (and I burnt, lol), do a craft (so we made birdseed ornaments), play the Birthday Cupcake Book/Game, and if the weather had been nice, we would finish it off watching the meteor shower that is on her birthday every year.



Then we have dinner (she chose to order pizza and not go out to eat in the yucky weather), have cake, and read our books. We give/get hugs and kisses and she tells me it’s the best birthday ever. And then my heart melts a little. 🙂