Dining Table Makeover DIY

I am so excited to be done with this table! And I love it! I wasn’t so sure how it would turn out when I started this project. I haven’t taken on a furniture makeover this “big” before. Quite a vital, expensive kind of thing to redo, but it really wasn’t my style when it was given to us. When I got the green light for keeping it and doing what I wanted to it, I decided to go with a white base and chairs with a deeper wood top. And I wanted to see reflections in it! πŸ˜€



I primed it first and put on a couple of coats of white paint. Then I stained the top portion with a gel stain. Let me tell you the biggest tip I learned from this furniture venture: let each coat dry completely. And by completely, I mean about 24 hours. Especially once you move on to the sealing.




After I painted the white, I sealed it with polycrylic. I decided to make the top really thick and reflective, so I used epoxy. Boy, do I have the story about that! Hah. Make sure to cover every crack if you have a table with a leaf. Do not let epoxy settle into the sliding wood. I put 2 coats of epoxy on it and let it harden for 2 weeks before using it or putting anything on it. It takes that long to cure so you won’t see the fingerprints or get dents.

table finished

Voila! All done. πŸ™‚ Hoping after the work I put into it, that it will last for many more years.


Dining Room Table Makeover DIY

Do you have a table you think is in desperate need of a makeover? I did! I didn’t like much about this table, but I was (am) thankful to have been blessed with one because we had nothing else. And something is better than nothing. I dreamt of the day when I could paint it and make it my own. Eventually, it was ours to keep instead of being borrowed…and I had the green light to do whatever my heart desired to do with it. ❀ Hello, Pinterest ideas!

I found the tables I was most drawn to were the white bases and chairs with a darker stained top. Well, get your elbow grease ready!

You’ll need to sand the table and chairs. Wipe them clean. Remove the stain on the top of the table that the sanding left behind. Prime the entire set! Let completely dry….add 3 coats, at least of paint. I did 3 coats with a paint brush and then discovered the amazing joys of a paint sprayer! *singing birds* I did one last coat with the sprayer and then you can finished it off with polycrylic (3 coats with 24 hours drying time in between). I am choosing to finish mine off with epoxy after our next move. It will need 2 weeks to cure and I don’t want to mess up the finish.



❀ ❀ ❀


I like it soooo much better now. Dare I say I even love it?! I think so. πŸ™‚ It’s definitely growing on me and the final decision will be made after the move, epoxy, and some decorations.

All in all, this was a very easy project that was well worth the wait and work.


Pi Day…Pie Day?

Pi Day! 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288…ok, you get it, lol. It was fun for the first 5 numbers…maybe. We’re celebrating Pi Day with pie!! We read our new book, Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, from Amazon. We had mini pies of assorted flavors, a large pizza pie for dinner and apple pie for dessert.




I had a wall of pi and pie jokes/facts. I thought it was cute, but maybe I’m a little geeky! πŸ˜‰ Found them on Pinterest and Google and just printed them.

I made some Pi Day “labels” to glue to the goody bags for friends to take home their assortment of pies and prizes.



Oatmeal creme pies and moon pies…who knew you could find so many “pies?”



“Keep calm and eat more pie!”

Happy National Pi Day!


The free printables for the banner and wall decor can be found here:




Our Pi Day activities and games:



Dr. Seuss Celebration


Who doesn’t love a fun, witty, outside-the-box Dr. Seuss book? They are actually my son’s favorite books. He thinks they are so funny and creative. So we had our own little celebration on the “birthday” of the late author. I printed a banner up last year that I had saved and just taped them up to the wall for a quick background. In addition, Target had a pre-made banner with the characters of the books. It was in the dollar spot! They usually have some good finds for Dr. Seuss day. I also grabbed a couple of sturdy “posters” last year. They are not paper; they’re cardboard. I guess it’s wall art. πŸ™‚


I purchased some tableware from Party City and found some cute snacks on Pinterest to have with a story time.


These pretzel snacks were super easy and quick! Just squirt some white candy melts on the center and add a green m&m on top. This time of year (spring) it’s easy to find the light green ones that I thought were prettier. πŸ˜‰


I used our fruit, large marshmallows, and food markers to make little Cat in the Hat kabobs. ❀


It didn’t take long to set up a fun day to celebrate reading! We really enjoyed our snacks, story time, and we dressed up for our community day, too. Love any reason to be a “kid” with my “kids.”


Valentine’s Day Treats and Games

I’m a Mom of traditions. Once we start something that works for us and we all like it, I tend to keep doing it. Whether that’s routines at home, habits, the way I organize things in the house (yes, I fold my towels the same way every time, place them the same way in the linen closet every time, and corners all should match, lol), or the way I celebrate special days.

We just had Valentine’s Day! My children wake up every year to a trail of hearts that lead to the dining table, decorated in all its red and pink splendor.


One tradition we’ve done for about 3 previous years is to put hearts all over their door. The hearts have reasons why I love them and what is so wonderful about them written on them. This year, I decided to do something different. I still kept to a tradition of hearts on the door…and it’s still about love. The hearts were a printable (http://www.notconsumed.com/14-days-gods-love/) for 14 days of God’s love. I used them as an advent countdown to Valentine’s. We read 2 each morning before schooling and taped it on the door. I really appreciate this new version and this is our new tradition. ❀


Now, since we’re still living “out of boxes,” I don’t have a lot in the way of decor, but I grabbed a few things to sweeten the morning. Thankfully, my children just love getting holiday surprises and they were thrilled!


I made mini pancake kabobs, strawberries with chocolate fondue (in the center), and yogurt parfaits with heart confetti sprinkles.


For lunch, they had chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped cucumbers, pretzels and wafers with sprinkles, teddy grahams holding hearts, and I made 2 entrees. One child likes grilled cheese and one does not. So heart shaped grilled cheese and…



heart shaped chicken quesadilla. Both were easy to make, at least!


They had heart shaped brownies for dessert.



And I made these cinnamon sugar covered tortilla “chips” for the first time. My son actually tried something new! ❀ Apparently, if I cover something in cinnamon and sugar, I have a chance.


During their lunch, I read the Would You Rather printable to them. After lunch, we played bingo, draw a bug, and then had a heart hunt. I filled them with small favors, candies, and coins (much to their delighted surprise, lol). Better give them coins while they are still happy with that, haha.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Pirate and Princess Birthday Party

My two littles have birthdays about 2.5 weeks apart from each other. Family lives about 4 hours away in different directions. Rather than have everyone travel here and back 3 weeks apart and rather than set up and clean up for 2 parties, I usually try to combine them. I try to come up with ideas that compliment each other…this year, we did a pirate and princess theme.

I’m sharing my ideas for DIY party decor that you can do yourself. I made almost every single thing! You can, too! Come on in! πŸ˜‰



For the red “x” I painted 2 paint stirrers and hot glued them together. I hot glued some twine to hang it. The pirate on the door is just drawn on poster board and I used black electrical tape to make a trail from the driveway to the front door for the pirates to enter! The princesses went through the side door. πŸ™‚

Below is how the living room side looked as the pirates came in. I draped red streamers throughout, hung some fish net in a couple of areas, strategically placed some doubloons, and used some of our own decorations and some halloween decorations. I set the pirate loot near the door so as the pirates arrived, they could dress up.



The map is brown paper wrapping that I drew a pirate map on and then crumpled it up and even burned the edges slightly! It looked pretty cool in person. πŸ™‚


I got our pirate decor, like the balloons, tablecloth, plates, and pail from Party City. I made a tube to hold the balloons up for the centerpiece.


Surprisingly, the decor you see here is from Dollar Tree! I got the netting from there, the banner, and the inflatable parrot! Score. πŸ™‚ The map on the wall is just a google image I printed…I hung a few of those in random places. The “wood” on the netting is cardboard that I painted and cut the edges jagged to look like real, broken wood.


This room has no curtains! You couldn’t tell by looking at it now. I shredded some black plastic trash bags and taped them on the blind rods. The flag is from Party City.


As with all the parties I throw, I use duct tape and stickers to match the water bottles to the theme. The stickers were from Dollar Tree.


I used construction paper to cover juice boxes and found free printables online for the labels. This happened in 2012, so unfortunately, I don’t recall where I got them.


Here is the cake pop pirate ship! I used a styrofoam bottom that came in something I ordered and that’s when I got the idea. I used a box as my foundation. Added more boxes to build up the shape. Wrapped some parts in the brown paper and then painted over it with acrylic paint. I broke popsicle sticks for the wood and hot glued them on. I painted fake wood on the inside upper portion. I used a paper towel tube for the lookout tower with a styrofoamΒ cup cut down for the hold. I had some scrap linen I used, and made the rope by cutting the tiny pieces and glueing them. The pirate skull is a wooden decoration from Michaels.


I used toothpicks, cardboard, and stickers to make this!


More popsicle sticks…



Decor for the entry:


Decor that I placed on the mantle:


This is just construction paper and a printable!


Eye patches and moustaches for the little pirates! They got to take home a map on the way out.


Crafts for the pirates to do. There were pirate hats, pirate magnets, and pirate tattoos.



After getting dressed up and doing some crafts, we all headed out for the scavenger dig. I passed out baggies and let them dig in!


A great way to rinse off all that sand? Letting them have a balloon fight and cannon ball fight (splash balls).


They got to head outdoor and take cover in the pirate ship. The pirates in the ship got the cannon balls. The pirates running around got the water balloons. See the gator in the water guarding the ship? πŸ˜‰ Β I made the ship with refrigerator cardboard (3 boxes) and the anchor was made with leftover cardboard. The chain is construction paper.


Our lunch menu was a hot dog bar! It was so great because I didn’t have to do a bunch of cooking and everyone made it the way they wanted. πŸ™‚


Some pirate cupcakes should be really dark. πŸ™‚ Mmmm, chocolate!



The fairy princesses entered the Fairy Glen side! I drew on a large chalkboard and placed it on an easel on the side porch.


The dining room for the fairy princesses…


I cut tableclothes into large strips, taped one side to a small hula hoop and hung it up in the center. The other ends get taped up to the ceiling and then hang balloons from the light fixture. I put balloons across the doorways and draped a butterfly/flower garland in the doorway for the fairies to walk through. The topiary was one I made the year before for the Sweet Shoppe party.


I have this cute soji screen that I painted white, so I wanted to add some items that would go with the fairy princess theme for the littles to take some photos after they got all dressed up.


The large hanging flowers are from Hobby Lobby. The banner is from Dollar Tree.


The decor here is mostly from Dollar Tree and some from Michaels. I used construction paper folded over for the labels. I printed some cute backgrounds and added stickers to match our theme. For crafts, the fairy princesses decorated fairy wands (almost seen here- foam wands from Dollar Tree that they decorated with foam stickers and glitter pens).


The fairy princesses also got their hair and make-up done.


Next, they moved on to fairy swirls…cute tattoos I found at Dollar Tree!


And of course, nails…fast dry! πŸ˜‰


The birthday princess’ pinata


Individual pinatas for the fairy princesses. I made these with toilet paper tubes and tissue paper. The fairies are images from Google that I liked, glued on.


Centerpieces were flowers and pipe cleaners. You can get that swirl by wrapping them around a pencil. πŸ™‚ Tissue paper in the bottom, wrapped with a ribbon, and a puffy sticker hot glued on. The bird house is from Michaels and I painted it.


I wrapped the silverware in napkins, tied off with a ribbon, and put a sticker on.


More centerpieces. I made these, so you can, too!


Construction paper covered juice boxes with images from google for the labels


Duct tape and stickers!



The girls got sprinkled with pixie dust after their makeup and nails were done and then got their wings!







Fine Arts – Orchestra!

We are beginning our last 6 weeks of Cycle 2 in CC shortly! I am excited that we are doing Orchestra in Fine Arts because I can create more and get into it better than tin whistle! Lol. Not that I dislike the tin whistle. I just don’t love it. I am not musically inclined; I am learning as we go in CC. This year, I created these sheets for the Apprentices, but they may work for ABC’s and Journeymen, too. Might be too easy for Journeymen.



I will read the short bio on the bottom and then on the top, they can draw as they listen to the music. They would draw a picture that reflects how the music makes them feel. Afterward, they can circle the face that reflects how the music made them feel. Stick in the sand! Well, about as close as I can get for my personality. πŸ™‚ Last year, we played with play dough while the music played, but that got out of hand quickly. Messy. Ended up noisy. Not as interested in the music. I am hoping this year, coloring will be a better compromise.

Additionally, I printed some flash cards and laminated them. On week 19, I will briefly tell them the qualities of the instrument group and let them sort the cards into their proper bags. One set of bags and one set of flashcards. They will work together as a group to sort.



For week 20-24, I will use the tri-fold board to go over the composer, show them where he is on the timeline, and briefly review what group the instruments are in before we listen to the music and draw on the sheets. I will use this board on week 19 to show them the orchestra seating and the instruments, as well. Hope that helps!


Here is the link for the free printable music composer sheets:


I hope to add more sheets for the last 2 weeks of the composers combined. I will update when I do.

Here is the link to the website for the flashcards that aren’t mine, but I used: