My Little Pony Birthday

My youngest “baby” turned 8 today. It’s a bittersweet event. This year she requested a My Little Pony theme out of the blue. Half the year she said she wanted a Shopkins birthday again. I kept everything. :/ It’s a good thing you can find so many free printables online. I only had to buy plates, a cup, and a couple of drinks.


I used party dΓ©cor that could already compliment a MLP theme.


Thankfully, I also found some MLP posters while visiting my Mom. I had them saved away in keepsakes. I used my daughter’s little ponies for the props and I would say it turned out great for almost free!


I dressed up Isabella, her AG doll. I found mini party hats at Target that I was saving for an AG tea party (still to come).


I almost went with the usual go-to birthday breakfast for us: pancakes. It’s nothing fancy or memorable, though and wondered what I could do instead. But, I already had made the confetti sprinkle pancakes, cinnamon streusel muffins, and bought donuts (her fave breakfast). No worries…they don’t eat all that in one morning. πŸ™‚Β  I decided to add some topping and make it a pancake bar for a special treat. I’ve been saving up ideas from Pinterest for when we do a sleepover/party (yes, also still to come) and thought I would give a mini version a try. She loved it! My son loved the yogurt parfait the best. That’s unusual for him, so I was pleased!

I had to go with what I already had on hand since it was so spur of the moment.







I made these polymer clay sweet treats ornaments a few years ago for a Sweet Shoppe theme I had for them. It’s one of my daughter’s favorite birthday decorations every year. She loves to play with them.

I want to make more if I ever have the time. πŸ˜€

I used my chalk markers to make a sign for her.


This year, instead of the regular ‘ol balloons cascading into her room when she opens the door, I wanted something “more”…something meaningful and special. So, I aired up the balloons and wrote scripture on them with a marker as I prayed for her. I am calling them Blessing Balloons! πŸ™‚ I thought it would be so much more meaningful having blessings flow on her! She saw them and said she wants to read them and keep them. ❀



I also have birthday magnets on the fridge, a cupcake birthday towel in the bathroom for her, window cling on the back door, a birthday flag in the garden, and window clings on the window where she sits in the vehicle. Usually, we throw some balloons in there with her, but the weather temp here is at the melting degree.

Some fun things we also do: a birthday scavenger hunt, birthday child gets to do everything first (eat, check the mail, out the door, etc), picks lunch and dinner, and most activities for the day. She wanted to go to the pool, which we did (and I burnt, lol), do a craft (so we made birdseed ornaments), play the Birthday Cupcake Book/Game, and if the weather had been nice, we would finish it off watching the meteor shower that is on her birthday every year.



Then we have dinner (she chose to order pizza and not go out to eat in the yucky weather), have cake, and read our books. We give/get hugs and kisses and she tells me it’s the best birthday ever. And then my heart melts a little. πŸ™‚


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