Back To School Celebration and Traditions (Apple Theme)


So, “Back To School” is different for everyone. Some homeschoolers take a break, some go year round, and some of us don’t know what we’re doing, lol. 🙂 So, there may not be a specific “back to school” day. If you homeschool year round, maybe you can still celebrate between cycles: after testing, after finishing a grade level, or a set number of books if you don’t do any of those.

This year our plans were derailed! I had planned to not take a break and we ended up taking a break so long that our first official day of schooling was certainly memorable for me, but not what I expected, haha.

I kind of pick my BTS theme based on what I find in the store that I think is cute when supplies make their ways to the shelf. This year, it’s apples…again, rofl. Really, those woodland critters are still a winner, but it’s hard to find that stuff and it also makes a perfect First Day of Fall theme, so it’s taken.

Here is our simple, easy celebration for our first day of school!


I found these apple printables on Google because I wasn’t having much luck finding free ones on Pinterest.


I found this cute chalkboard sign at Michaels. 🙂 ❤



The “pencils” are pretzel sticks with candy melts. My daughter absolutely loves covered pretzels. I have no idea why. Lol.


We created these little apple pretzel bites in the kitchen together. She is 7, so she loves helping in the kitchen and especially if it’s sweets.




I used construction paper and taped some leaves and stems to the red balloons. I hope they look like apples and not tomatoes. hahaha


The printables are from but I got them from Google images.








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