Valentine’s Day Treats and Games

I’m a Mom of traditions. Once we start something that works for us and we all like it, I tend to keep doing it. Whether that’s routines at home, habits, the way I organize things in the house (yes, I fold my towels the same way every time, place them the same way in the linen closet every time, and corners all should match, lol), or the way I celebrate special days.

We just had Valentine’s Day! My children wake up every year to a trail of hearts that lead to the dining table, decorated in all its red and pink splendor.


One tradition we’ve done for about 3 previous years is to put hearts all over their door. The hearts have reasons why I love them and what is so wonderful about them written on them. This year, I decided to do something different. I still kept to a tradition of hearts on the door…and it’s still about love. The hearts were a printable ( for 14 days of God’s love. I used them as an advent countdown to Valentine’s. We read 2 each morning before schooling and taped it on the door. I really appreciate this new version and this is our new tradition. ❤


Now, since we’re still living “out of boxes,” I don’t have a lot in the way of decor, but I grabbed a few things to sweeten the morning. Thankfully, my children just love getting holiday surprises and they were thrilled!


I made mini pancake kabobs, strawberries with chocolate fondue (in the center), and yogurt parfaits with heart confetti sprinkles.


For lunch, they had chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped cucumbers, pretzels and wafers with sprinkles, teddy grahams holding hearts, and I made 2 entrees. One child likes grilled cheese and one does not. So heart shaped grilled cheese and…



heart shaped chicken quesadilla. Both were easy to make, at least!


They had heart shaped brownies for dessert.



And I made these cinnamon sugar covered tortilla “chips” for the first time. My son actually tried something new! ❤ Apparently, if I cover something in cinnamon and sugar, I have a chance.


During their lunch, I read the Would You Rather printable to them. After lunch, we played bingo, draw a bug, and then had a heart hunt. I filled them with small favors, candies, and coins (much to their delighted surprise, lol). Better give them coins while they are still happy with that, haha.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!



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