Fine Arts – Orchestra!

We are beginning our last 6 weeks of Cycle 2 in CC shortly! I am excited that we are doing Orchestra in Fine Arts because I can create more and get into it better than tin whistle! Lol. Not that I dislike the tin whistle. I just don’t love it. I am not musically inclined; I am learning as we go in CC. This year, I created these sheets for the Apprentices, but they may work for ABC’s and Journeymen, too. Might be too easy for Journeymen.



I will read the short bio on the bottom and then on the top, they can draw as they listen to the music. They would draw a picture that reflects how the music makes them feel. Afterward, they can circle the face that reflects how the music made them feel. Stick in the sand! Well, about as close as I can get for my personality. 🙂 Last year, we played with play dough while the music played, but that got out of hand quickly. Messy. Ended up noisy. Not as interested in the music. I am hoping this year, coloring will be a better compromise.

Additionally, I printed some flash cards and laminated them. On week 19, I will briefly tell them the qualities of the instrument group and let them sort the cards into their proper bags. One set of bags and one set of flashcards. They will work together as a group to sort.



For week 20-24, I will use the tri-fold board to go over the composer, show them where he is on the timeline, and briefly review what group the instruments are in before we listen to the music and draw on the sheets. I will use this board on week 19 to show them the orchestra seating and the instruments, as well. Hope that helps!


Here is the link for the free printable music composer sheets:


I hope to add more sheets for the last 2 weeks of the composers combined. I will update when I do.

Here is the link to the website for the flashcards that aren’t mine, but I used:



2 thoughts on “Fine Arts – Orchestra!

    1. In my previous post about a year ago, I shared the printable. I created it. The seating chart is from a google search, but from dto-kids, I think. I also shared the site on that same post. Search orchestra board or composer board.


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