Elf on the Shelf: Snowball Fight!

I love snow!! No, really, I do! It’s so pretty to look at…from indoors…and on the tv or photos. I like to visit friends and family that live in the north that get snow and then come home and go to the beach. 😀

I absolutely loved it when I was growing up. The older I got, the more inconvenient it became. My back started aching. I had to head out and warm up the vehicle for everyone else 10 minutes before going anywhere. And then along came children…to bundle, just to unbundle and clean up the wet puddles, put away the pile of snow clothes, and make mugs and mugs of hot cocoa just because it snowed 1/2 an inch! :/

Now…Twinkle and Snowflake really LOVE snow. I mean, they’re from the North Pole, right?! And I don’t mind the kind of snow they brought…


I have had these on MY wishlist for about 2 years. Yes, my own wishlist, not my children asking for them. Lol. I did get a chance to play with some with my daughter a couple of years ago and we all had a blast. But, they aren’t high on my need list. I made some that year, but it just wasn’t the same. Maybe because I added some glitter faux snow to them. Hahaha. They get glitter snow everywhere everytime we play with it. Well, this year, I found them in a store for a good deal and decided our elves were surprising the children!




Don’t they look cozy and cute for playing in the snow? Except I can REALLY tell Twinkle needs a bath! Lol. I have to find a way to wash our 5 year old elf!

Here is an option for those of you doing advents or just trying to add in some scripture with your elf shenanigans, like we do! 🙂



Day 7…hang in there! 🙂 Keep returning this week for this years’ activities.


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