Elf on the Shelf: Hanging out in the Elf House

Are you still hanging in there? It’s Day 5 & 6…not even halfway through the season and although I enjoy our ef shenanigans, I am thinking ahead of how they will say good-bye this season! Lol

Around day 4, I brought out the “Elf House.” It’s a Barbie traveling house, but we’ve used it every year for our elves because it’s so cute and it was such a hit with our daughter the first year. I try to decorate it up for Christmas, like it’s their house for the month. I almost bought an elf door because cuteness! BUT I caught myself in time and just reminded myself there is nothing wrong with using the Barbie house…I don’t have to have “all things elf!”






So throughout the day, they head back to their house until I set up the next surprise/activity or whatever. And I just arrange them doing “normal” things. Now, in our house, our elves aren’t married…they aren’t dating…they are just elves. Innocent, raising up sheltered children, good behavior, nice list elves! Lol.


Snowflake enjoys reading, baking, and crafting. Twinkle enjoys gaming, playing, and probably eating, lol. Maybe your typical girl and boy elves.




Something else the children caught Twinkle doing is taking sElfies! They thought it was cute, but thankfully they don’t get the whole selfie thing! Whew!!




Apparently, taking the perfect sElfie takes time and practice!

If you like these printables, you can download and print them for FREE here! I made this and want to share it with my followers! Enjoy!

Here is the link for the Xbox360, the controllers, and the Elf Minecraft (which was just a Google image)


Print them out and glue the “xbox” to something small and rectangular. If it’s not black, you can paint it or just leave it. The controllers were finished by taping black embroidery thread to the “xbox” and the controllers.

Here is the link for the Elf iphone and selfies


I painted a food pick black, then glued the cut out cell phone to it. 🙂


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