Elf on the Shelf: Day 4, Christmas Wish List


Whether your family “does” Santa or not, I think writing  a Christmas wish list is a tradition to keep! I love looking back on my children’s handwriting and wants as they grow up. I wish I had started saving the lists sooner. I can’t decide whether to put them in ornaments or just in an album. They really will have plenty of ornaments. I think I may try to come up with something creative with them.

Anyway, on day 4 we write our wish lists out. I have a set that says, “Dear Santa,” but we also have a “Dear Daddy and Mommy” this year because I made one. I had our children write them on that.

However, for cuteness (because even though we don’t “do Santa” the stuff is stinkin’ cute!) the elves bring Santa Letter makings.



They also bring a few cute new things with them because …love.



These cute pens came from Dollar Tree!! When my daughter saw them she was very excited (she love drawing, writing, and artsy stuff). My son, not so much.


Only 20 days until Christmas!! And I know that because I can check our countdown ornament! Whew!


Elf pencils!! From – yes, you guessed it – Dollar Tree!


Twinkle trying to write his wish list. He “moved” a bit (got bumped) and so he scribbled a bit by the time the children sat down. They thought it was hilarious!


This adorable, over-sized felt envelope came from Target in the dollar section. ❤ I don’t know what I will do with it (so probably gift it) but it is such-the-cuteness!

Once I was ready, I turned off the overhead light and waited until the children came through…



He has always wrote like this… ❤ I guess it takes a lot of thinking!


Our little one still needs help spelling, so I write it out for her to copy. It helps me give her hints of what “she” wants, bahahaha. I can’t be the only one doing this.




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