Pokémon Go Live! with Elf on the Shelf


About a month ago (yes, only that recently) my son and daughter became lovers of Pokémon and all things related because of some new friends. And while I am glad they are interested in something non-tech related, it’s something new to collect. O.o We have a few cards now, a poster, and maybe 1-2 mini plastic characters. They are always asking for me to stop here and there when we go places so they can play Pokémon Go and collect them. So, what do I do to give them a fun day with some Pokémon and their Elves from home? Create a way for them to play it inside like the game!


I made a printable with a few characters, not knowing whether I was printing the right ones or not since I know next to nothing about this new game. Thankfully, they were super, super excited to see a couple of them, so I got at least 2 right! Haha!


About a month ago when their newfound obsession hit, I found a site to make our own Pokémon cards of the Elf on the Shelf…and of course I wanted to make those! I knew then I was going to have to have a game for them to play!


Since we don’t have Pokéballs, I made some with ping pong balls from the store. I painted the top half red and set them on blue tac on the counter to dry. I did three coats and then painted the white circle in the middle. Next I used a black permanent marker to draw the black lines. I sealed it with a coat of acrylic sealant (I used to think mod podge was the bomb until I started unpacking crafts I had used it on – leaves everything sticky and it’s horrible! Trust me, worth the money to buy real stuff for sealing paint).






I printed out the characters, the cards, and set up the balls with the Elves. The poster is something my son picked out about 2 weeks ago and has been begging me to hang. I really wanted a poster frame first, but remembered it right after I took a sticker off a new posterboard that I was preparing to draw Pikachu on…yay!  I waited for them to come in and I knew when I heard the (very loud) gasp and squeal from my daughter that she had found the elves. First, they laughed and laughed over their new Elf Pokémon cards. They thought it was hilarious. My son grabbed up the balls in the meantime (before reading the note and realizing he was going to play the Pokémon Reality version for kids indoors). Then he read the card and they took off!! I tell ya, most of the pics are blurs because they were SO very excited and happy! This was a hit for them both! They ran around throwing Pokéballs at all the characters they could find and collected them and counted them…and would run around looking for more.


I had a toy from a few summers ago that really was a bathtub thing, but we use it to shoot with water guns outside…my bathroom walls stay dry that way. I have used it for a couple of other things and thought it would be perfect for putting the characters on. It sticks on the window and it’s like a target (so that’s one of the photos – stuck on our sliding door).







After they counted all 14, I told them I thought I saw something in their stockings and they ran to get their surprise. Thankfully, I had some large candy bars they had forgotten they picked out about a week ago that I brought home and put away instead of giving it to them.

My son thanked me and gushed about how much fun he had and how much he LOVED this new game. I can see I will have to do this aaaallllll year now. 😉

They even kept on looking at the characters and played with them more…


Here is where you can make your own Elf on the Shelf Pokémon cards (first link) or you can use mine (second link).



Here is the free printable for the Pokémon cards. Print them out and tape or glue a strip of cardstock to the back, folded at the base to support them “standing up.” I also laminated mine before that and I am glad since this was a success because they will last a lot longer.


Here is the free printable if you want to use it for the note instead of writing one. I like my stuff printed out (almost always in the Curlz font) so it’s always the same for the elves, but not my writing! Plus, it looks so much cuter! 😀


Now, go catch some Pokémons!!


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