Countdown Day 2 : Elf on the Shelf

A few of our days are traditions for us and we do the same thing every year. Day 2 is one of them. 24 wrapped books and some movies. I didn’t have enough books last year, but this year I probably will…but it won’t matter. To save myself some time and stress, I plan my calendar for movie nights a year in advance and wrap everything when Christmas is over. Not only do I save time and stress the following year, but I can get discount wrapping paper! Haha. I write the date on the front because I won’t remember what’s what when it rolls back around. I put the books to go with dates I think we will do a certain craft or event, like making cinnamon ornaments, seeing lights, or sledding. This year, I bought more books, so we will read them but I will wrap them for next year when this is all over.


I have a little poem that I save and bring out with the books every year. They haven’t noticed, yet, teeheehee. Maybe this year I will put it on different scrapbook paper so they still won’t notice next year.


Updated: I made the poem into a printable that will read:

Although it seems so far away,

Before you know, it’ll be Christmas day!

To help the days and nights go by with speed

I brought you some books to read!

Open one surprise each night

(Option 1) Please take turns and do not fight.

(Option 2) Then say your prayers and kiss good-night!



Another good idea to bring on Day 2 are any kind of advent activities/books/calendars, etc. because we still have plenty of time in the month to do those things! 🙂 In our advent is the countdown scripture leading to Jesus’ birth, a random act of kindness, a treat – sometimes a candy, sometimes a mini toy, and yesterday evening before bed our elves brought an advent activity book for the children to do. Toward the middle of the month (the 13th to be exact) we begin our countdown of the nativity story and add the pieces to the stable.



Some ideas to put in your advent calendar (or stockings!)

  • the Scripture Cards leading to Jesus’ birth
  • a random act of kindness activity
  • a recipe card to bake something
  • movie theater tickets (or play tickets)
  • Gift certificates
  • printable tickets for your time to do something together (“activity coupon”)
  • printed photo of a place you will visit that day – Parade, Nativity Scene…Chuck E Cheese! lol
  • Erasers, stickers, mini bubble bottles
  • toy cars
  • Legos or Shopkins (or whichever miniature your little one is into)candy
  • Chapstick
  • Costume pieces (pirate earring, eye patch, girls play nails or clip on earrings, play rings, etc)
  • trading cards of any kind
  • stationary (stamps, glue sticks, new scissors, case, beads, buttons, etc. for your crafter)
  • Jokes and riddles – can be a mini book, printables, or write some out!
  • puzzle pieces (you can do one for each day or a handful)
  • finger puppets
  • hair accessories
  • Memories (one of my favorite ideas – write down your favorite memories of the past year, one for each drawer or pocket. This is great for the older children)
  • small (unbreakable maybe) ornaments
  • a treasure map (it can be a pretend one or it can lead to a bigger surprise that wouldn’t fit in the drawer or pocket of your calendar)
  • silly bands (or loom bands or whichever craft your little one is into at the moment)
  • magnets (I don’t know about your little ones, but our daughter loves magnets! So much so, I’ve used some for teaching her homework)
  • mini playdough containers
  • growing foam shapes (in those small capsules from dollar and craft stores)
  • and lastly if this is just too much and they haven’t had enough since Halloween – candy. lol


I made this list into a printable for you to reference to every year if you have a Christmas binder (what?? Don’t we all have one? teehee – I will be sharing that with you later this month, too!).






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