North Pole Breakfast – 5th Annual Grinch and Whoville Theme

Welcome back, Twinkle and Snowflake…with the Grinch! “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” It’s December 1st, so it’s (been) Scout Elf Return Week and we held our annual North Pole Breakfast, complete with yummies, jammies, and the start of our advent. ❤

This year was a Grinch/Whoville theme. One of my absolute favorite childhood Christmas movies. I don’t know what it is about him, but I think he’s adorable! Especially with that smile when his heart changes. 🙂

I started with making a fireplace for the focal point…the one from Cindy Lou Who’s house. I don’t have one this year, so I used a large box from just having moved and cut it up and painted it. That was it! So easy…it made me think I could make Who houses, rofl. I drew the happy Grinch on poster board and put that above the fireplace because I think it’s cuter than the red swag and pink wreaths in Cindy’s home, plus, I had to have the Grinch in there somewhere!

Twinkle and Snowflake came dressed up like the Grinch, also! I had some green, stringy-like yarn that I just wrapped around them (so I could easily take it off later). They look so cute!



I wanted at least one picture of how it would look when the little ones walked in with only the Christmas tree lights and the hanging icicles. Can you believe those light-up hanging icicles came from Dollar Tree?! Wish I had gotten more of them and if I ever see them again, I will! Oh, the possibilities! 🙂


Every year since our son was born, we have collected an ornament for him (and later our daughter) so that when they fly the nest, they will have ornaments to put on their first tree. Plus, maybe it will remind them of home and just come back for the holidays. 😉 Once I started the North Pole Breakfast for our family 5 years ago, I started getting ornaments to match the theme. This year for them I bought these whimsical, sweet houses that reminded me of the Who houses. Well, ok, so they are more like gingerbread, but it was the closest I could find! I thought they would fit in these tiny blue sacks, like a little gift, but they didn’t fit! That’s ok, they made a cute table decoration.

These miniature Nutella jars fit in the sacks, though! My daughter was with me when I got them and she asked about them a few days later, I told her she would just have to wait…then I surprised her with them this morning. I have a love for cute, tiny, travel size anything! So does my sister, so it’s really fun shopping together, lol. Someone gets my excitement! Oh…and I think my daughter has it now, too. 😉


I have been collecting “stockings” for the last couple of weeks! Every store I went in, I looked for “Christmas-y” hanging-type socks. Believe it or not, the majority of these were also from Dollar Tree!

Along with making the fireplace, I had to make our “fire.” I used a black chalkboard and printed a fire – voila! I think it turned out pretty nice. I can almost feel the warmth. 😀


This “Merry Grinchmas” banner was also printed on cardstock and I glued it to ribbon. I will share the free printable link for all my Grinch decor at the bottom of the page. I painted the canvas tree picture last week with my sister at Wine and Design and the two smaller picture are just printables! 🙂 About 3 years ago, a store was clearancing cardboard canvases and I bought a handful, not knowing what in the world I would do with them. Then last year I thought about using them for our celebrations.


Our little Whoville houses. This was NOT as easy as the fireplace, lol. Thank goodness I only had to do one set. I think it will stay in the garage for a couple of years in case I need it again. I do *try* to throw things out…but you know how crafters are always needing something! 😀 😀


Speaking of keeping things I might need, my children “outgrew” this table at least a year ago, maybe 2.They don’t regularly sit at it, except when I do this or when we have their little cousins over. But I needed tables and wanted to use the small ones. I thought they looked cuter than using our dining room table. As soon as the little ones went to sleep, I got to work moving our dining room furniture out, lol.

Our North Pole Breakfast sign has been kept and used for the last 3 years. It’s just easier storing some things than collecting them again and spending time making them again.


This Whoville sign is just with posterboard! I hung it up with curling ribbon and added streamers. When my son walked out of his room and saw it, he rushed to wake up his sister!


What is Whoville without snow? It was a love/hate relationship because I thought it out before I poured it all over, lol. I kinda wish I had more and I’m also glad I didn’t. Beware…it will track all over the house and you will spend all day vacuuming. 🙂 haha

But isn’t it so pretty the way the light hits it? ❤ So much more wintery than carpet!


And here we have our big stars!! The reason all of us Moms here started this “madness,” lol. Our Scout Elves! Twinkle and Snowflake (who will soon have to have their own FB page). Hehehe


He makes a pretty good Grinch Elf. The little cardboard presents are the kind from Walmart that you paint. I think of snow, the Grinch, Who houses, trees, and presents when I think of How the Grinch Stole Christmas…and of course, the Who’s singing! But you can’t add that here. Oh man! I should have recorded their song to be playing when they came in. Oh well…there’s something you can do if you replicate, lol.


Here is Snowflake with our Grinch ornament for the year. All our new ornaments go on the tree, but the family one gets to stay with me when they move out!


You can make one of these advent calendars! Almost everything you see in our North Pole Breakfast is something you can also make yourself! I make almost everything if I can. Then a couple of years later I think, well I should have made more so each child can have one. Who has the room for that, though! So back to the advent…it’s the cardboard one (plain) from Hobby Lobby. I’ll have to make a post about how to decorate it up!





I thought it would be cute to have a little drink and snack cart.



The sweet treats! For later during our movie with Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The trees on the cupcakes were very easy to make! I used pretzel sticks and drizzled melted candy melts on them and decorated them with sprinkles. The rolled wafers were dipped in the same chocolate and sprinkled. My children loooove these wafers.








The breakfast food table ~ ~



The Grinch Kabobs ~


Max’s Pretzel Munch ~ (btw, my daughter also loved these so much, it’s a winner! Of course, pretzels are one of her favorite snacks).


Cindy Lou Cinnamon Muffins with streusel topping and sprinkles.


Sorry, but I couldn’t think of a cutesy Grinch/Whoville name for the marshmallow pops, lol. I will probably think of it later this week and never use it because there are a hundred themes in my head! Hehehe


Who Parfaits…simple and sweet. Just a vanilla swirl cookie in the bottom, topped with green pudding and sprinkles. North Pole Breakfast has sprinkle everything!


Grinch Cookies! I made lofthouse cookies with a buttercream frosting…sooo yummy. Yes, I tried one! lol. I piped the green frosting on with the star tip and added the larger sprinkle heart that I bought last Valentine’s JUST for this morning! I have to plan a year in advance for a reason. And yes, I do have next years’ North Pole Breakfast theme in my head. 😉













So, here is their own personal little Whoville for the day. ❤








These adorable, sturdy boxes came from Michaels. I was thinking last year of what I could start putting their traditional Christmas jammies in and I found these and snatched them up. It’s the perfect size and I love them!


Snowballs to complete their Whoville room…so glad my son was excited about them because I almost didn’t get them. They’ve been on my list for about 2 years, but I wasn’t sure if they were getting too old for them. I guess not! I’m glad because I think they are fun, too.


I like to personalize everything, so making the seat name tags should have come to me sooner. I mean, we’re on year 5! I have always made/printed their table placecards, but this year, I found cute stands at Michaels.




Every year we have cocoa to go with our themes. Ever since I started making our own baggies and matching them with decorations, just getting and putting out the Swiss Miss bags doesn’t seem as fun and pretty!


These adorable mugs were clearanced at AC Moore!! I almost didn’t get them (well, because I almost didn’t see them). And I knew we had last year’s mugs. But they weren’t the right shade of green and not as adorable as these. I love these ~ the shape is so unique! It’s perfect for our Christmas cocoa every year.


And to go with our Christmas cocoa, I made some chocolate spoons to stir in. The children just ended up eating them. I want to put the laughing emoji here, but I don’t have that option, lol.



Every year they also get a letter from their Elves to start off the season. It just sums up how the year has been, new things they’ve done or learned, and a reminder to be loving and kind. 🙂

Whoville Trees! Yes, Whoville Waffle trees…I saw this from Pinterest and knew it was our main breakfast item! I think of that Whoville tree all the Who’s gather around and sing because they have the Christmas spirit, even without all the toys and things.




Warm maple syrup to top the Whoville Waffles ~ ~


This special little setup (no, there are no presents in it – it’s a prop! The children also asked) is where I set the printable up for the Toy Donation Bags (sacks).


I can share this printable with you, as well, at the bottom. It reads:

I cherish this time of year

when Santa and I spread holiday cheer

I’ve brought you an empty sack

for unused toys you’d like to pack

for little girls and boys

who may not have as many toys.

I know you’ll be good

and we’ll have lots of laughs

I hope to report good things to Santa

each night on your behalf.

I hope I can count on your help to bless others this season!



The wrapped gift they do get to open is the dvd “The Elf on the Shelf.” I know, it should be Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but this is breakfast…and I wanted to watch that one at night for a movie night. 🙂






Only 23 days until Christmas!! Can you believe it?!















I hope you all have a wonderful season with your Elf and keep it fun! We only get one chance to make those special memories. 🙂 ❤



Here are the FREE Grinch Printables I made. Please feel free to use for personal use only. There are 2 styles on the pdf. Print the one you like!


Here is the FREE toy donation letter from the Elf



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