Elf on the Shelf ELF Movie Night


Ok, ok, ok…you either love this movie or hate it. I didn’t like it when I first saw it. I thought it was “ok.” The next year I watched it, I loved it and I’ve been a fan of it ever since. Last year I thought it would make a cute movie night theme since I was doing a few others. I really wanted to do “ELF.”


We were traveling. I almost didn’t do it. I took about 2 totes full of supplies to my sister’s house and I’m glad I did. My children had more fun doing our Christmas movie night with their cousins and I think their cousins really enjoyed a special movie night. So much so, my sister is throwing a themed movie night for them all on her own. I can’t wait to see their photos!!

After quickly printing off “ELF” movie quotes, we glued them onto some cardboard covered with wrapping paper. It’s not the prettiest, but it worked in a fast pinch and actually worked so well, I think I will do that more often. Just prettier. It’s fast, cheap, and you can recycle it when you’re done or save it for next year because it takes up so little space!




We hung the parachute elves from the ceiling…


I didn’t have time for a bunch of balloons like usual, but I did have the Christmas lanterns in the totes. We used a cute roll of wrapping paper for the backdrop. The “ELF” printables came with the banner, too! Which I love! I kept it. 😉



Of course, you HAVE to have hot cocoa for a Christmas movie night! I don’t know who started it, but that is a good idea! I got this light up chalkboard from Michaels and we use it for soooo many things now. I poured the hot chocolate mix into lollipop/cake pop bags and tied it off with curling ribbon and tags.


Aren’t those elf feet soooo cute?! ❤


A few things we could come up with for hot cocoa toppings. Peppermint chips, cut up caramels, and colorful marshmallows (whipped topping in fridge).


The cute hot cocoa cups…these are from Oriental Trading. I printed out the straw flags and put them on the stirrers.




The popcorn topping or just a side sweet snack! All ready to grab in these peanut snack containers from the party aisle in Walmart and Michaels.




Our spaghetti cupcakes were apparently much yummier than they look (and much tastier than actual spaghetti with sweet toppings like I’ve seen for some Elf themes). I just made the icing look like spaghetti…squeeze it all around sloppily. Good job that the little ones can help out with! Top it with chocolate sauce, m&ms, and gummy bears.



Elf cookies and chocolate peppermint edible spoons! The little ones helped with the cookies…and the spoons were one of my daughter’s favorite treats!



To the side of the sweets and treats was the popcorn table. I love to make popcorn bags to match our theme just by using white paper bags! I usually use stickers or printables to create a bag that is personal and matches. I had a couple of boxes ready for my little ones, but I didn’t have enough for my nieces, so we looked for what we could. Thankfully my sister is Amazon’s number one shopper, teehee. She had a slew of boxes and we wrapped them up with wrapping paper…these will be their concession boxes for drinks, popcorn, and snacks. 🙂 The bags with Elf on the Shelf had some surprises in them for all the littles.





Once the popcorn was ready, we set that out for them to fill up their bags.






Lining up for their popcorn and treats…they are so cute!






Hope you have a great Elf movie night (or other movie night that you like). I hope you liked these ideas! Thanks for looking.

If you would like the free Elf banner and movie quotes, visit this link (there are also some more ideas for ELF theme there!):



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