Elf Letter to Donate Toys

I am trying something new this year: trying to convince my daughter who gets attached to ev-er-y-th-ing to help go through her toys to donate to children with less. She doesn’t even like to throw away tags. :/ This will be interesting. I am enlisting help from her Scout Elf, Snowflake. I really think it will help! I am also going to rent some books from the library to go along with the idea of donating. She really has a big heart – she always asks me if we see a child without a family, can we take him/her home? But ask her to give up toys and it’s a different story.

I made this free printable letter to put on a box that my two little ones can (hopefully) fill with toys they no longer play with that are still in good condition.


I was going to put this letter on a box with our elf, but I found the perfect, cheap red velvety Santa sack at Target tonight that I think will be way cuter! It was in the dollar section ($3 or $5). I’m just going to hole punch the letter and tie it on with twine. 🙂






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