M.A.N.G.E.R. Printable for Elf on the Shelf

This is just one of the cutest ideas I have ever seen for the children getting a little too old (or too cool) to keep doing or be interested in Elf on the Shelf (if it’s possible for anyone to outgrow EotS 😉 ). I can’t claim this idea as my own. I found it online last year and made it into a free printable for anyone who may need it.


Basically, it’s a letter from “The North Pole” letting your little one know they are on a MANGER list, which stands for Mostly Always Nice Giving Everyone Respect, and that their Scout Elf is part of the family now and instead of flying back and forth to the North Pole to report to “Santa,” he/she will be theirs to play with now. It’s like a “graduation” of the Elf stage. It’s a very cute idea and a very cute printable. Click on the link at the bottom if you would like a copy. There are 2 versions: 1 if you have a girl elf, and 1 if you have a boy elf. I do not have specific names on the ones that are your printables. They say “your elf” or “he” or “she.”

Please let me know if there are errors and I hope you enjoy this sweet letter from Cornelius and enjoy your last year planning for your Scout Elf!





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