Autumn New Grammar and Review Ideas for Classical Conversations

Hello, fellow CC’ers! I am sharing just a couple of ideas that I’m going to try out on my Apprentices this week. Hopefully it goes well!

Also, I think most games we already play, we could make them “fall theme” just by changing simple props to autumn symbols, like pumpkins! I love, love, love pumpkins. So fall-esque! Yes, I know that’s not a word. 🙂 Maybe it should be, lol.

First up is an idea I got while playing with my daughter in the vehicle while waiting at the peds office. We had some stickers for faces left in there from Easter (because they weren’t doing anything else with them) and she stuck them on her hand, but they were in all the wrong places. I showed her how to do it and she cracked up and we made a CC review moment out of it. 😀 Hehehe, we gotta sneak those in! I found these at Dollar Tree and thought we could try it with a New Grammar subject. Quickly, quickly let the little ones pick out faces and they just make a “puppet” with their hand to repeat the new grammar. If they are too cool for that, I thought the eyeball rings would be a great backup. My class asked to keep theirs, but we’re going to keep using them since they liked them. 🙂


This week we are playing “Feed the Pumpkin” with mini Timeline cards I printed up. I made a pumpkin out of construction paper and glued it onto a kleenex box. They will repeat the new grammar and feed it in the mouth. If you don’t have mini Timeline cards, you can make something like the construction paper acorns (or whatever you want him to eat) and write the words of the new grammar on them. I made a set of those so we can use another subject the following week, like English.



On the back side, I cut a hole and covered it with a square of file folder so you can’t see right through the pumpkin and the cards don’t fall right out.



A Review game I made last year as my first year tutoring was a “pumpkin patch.” Since the circles underneath are just circles, I can cover them up with any themed top…like flowers in the spring, snowflakes in the winter, etc. Last year we used those marshmallow pumpkins and they would “pick” one out of the patch, answer the question, and put their candy in a sandwich bag for later. This year I found some felt shapes at AC Moore and decided to use those because not all the children can have the marshmallow candies (I learned last year).


The package also has cute turkey felt shapes that we’ll use next month!


Something simple that many of us have played and do is draw a person/monster/pumpkin…whatever it may be. I have a smaller, lighter travel dry erase board and have the work prepared ahead so we can jump right in and play. As they answer a review question correctly, they draw one part on the pumpkin.


And another simple thing we’re doing is “pass the pumpkin.” Just like hot potato as we sing the History song (or other song), we will pass a mini plastic pumpkin around and when the song is over, that child will say the whole sentence (we don’t do the “you’re out” so feelings aren’t hurt).

Lastly for autumn themed games, I’m printing 4 fall forest critters (I usually just number 4 pieces of construction paper, but I wanted to make it all cuter this week) to play 4 Tables. Yes, it’s usually 4 Corners, but we have a class full of tables and it’s difficult to get to corners, let alone quickly, and the children have asked on numerous occasions why I call it 4 Corners instead of 4 Tables. So. We play 4 Tables, lol.

Hope these ideas help you out. I would really, really love to know of your cute fall themed new grammar and review game ideas that work for you!


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