Tin Whistle Board for Music Theory

Hello, all! I am sharing with you the board I made for teaching tin whistle. I Googled most images, created one or two, and downloaded a couple from the CCC site. I am updating weekly as we go.



I’m still very new at playing a tin whistle and reading sheet music, so this should be easy enough for adults and children, too!

I have a photo I created labeling the tin whistle parts with the acronym for remembering the notes (BAGFED). Below the photo is the link if you would like to print it.



Under the labeled tin whistle is a printed picture of a Google search for Key of D tin whistle. The next one, the staff and treble clef, was also a Google find. It’s working well, so far. I laminated a few so the children can practice writing the notes, rests, and such on the staff lines. Unfortunately, I do not have the links of my saved searches because I’ve gotten a new computer since that point last year.

The bottom right is the tin whistle flash cards from CCC that I laminated for the children to fill in with dry erase.

I put velcro on the board and the backs of the photos so I can take them down to use them, write on them, change them out, etc.


Free Printable for the Tin Whistle Notes



The note chart and rest chart was also a Google search (don’t know what I would do now without Google, haha).


And the last thing is tin whistle vocab found on CCC. There are many to choose from. I didn’t find the rest of the weeks (this was week 7) from this particular user and so I’ve created a similar one with weeks 7-12 if you would like to use it. It will just be the vocab.


To change the weekly vocab out, I cut down a sleeve protector and taped it onto my board so I can slide the sheets in. Here is my own version of the vocab (not the one pictured because I printed that out before; however, that one only had week 7).



If you would like the “tin whistle” title at the top, the pdf is here:





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