Cat in the Hat matchup for CC

I recently found a Cat in the Hat dvd at the store that was about space and I got excited that it matches Cycle 2 of CC this year! Haha, the things homeschool Moms get excited over. ūüėČ But then it got me wondering, are there more that might go with our cycles? So I looked at the extensive list of The Cat in the Hat episodes…there are so many more! There aren’t enough to fill every week of every cycle, but enough to have a nice movie break once in a while that is still educational and will help them interested when they can connect the dots (“Hey, I know that!” :)).

Here they are:

Cycle 1

  • Week 5 ¬† ¬†Teeny Weeny Adventure, and Secret Super Digger
  • Week 7 ¬† ¬†Babies
  • Week 8 ¬† ¬†I See Seeds
  • Week 10 ¬†Leaves
  • Week 11 ¬† The Tree Doctor
  • Week 12 ¬† Flower Power, and The Tree Doctor
  • Week 18 ¬† How Cool Is Coral
  • Week 19 ¬† Digging the Deep
  • Week 20 ¬† Top of the Sky
  • Week 24 ¬† Maps

Cycle 2

  • Week 1 ¬† ¬†Be Cool, Itty Bitty Desert, and Rain Game
  • Week 3 ¬† ¬†Fishy Washy
  • Week 4 ¬† ¬†Puddle Puzzle
  • Week 5 ¬† ¬†Doing It Differently, A Long Winter’s Nap, Migration vacation, and A Polar Adventure
  • Week 6 ¬† ¬†Seaweed Superhero
  • Week 8 ¬† ¬†No Night Today
  • Week 9 ¬† ¬†Planet Name Game
  • Week 10 ¬†Jumping on the Moon
  • Week 19 ¬†Paper Chase
  • Week 22 ¬†Chasing Rainbows

Cycle 3

  • Week 2 ¬† Jiggle Bones
  • Week 3 ¬† The Skin I’m In
  • Week 5 ¬† ¬†Amazing Eyes, Hear Here, and Sniff and Seek
  • Week 6 ¬† ¬†Rumbly Tumbly
  • Week 8 ¬† ¬†Keep the Beat

Now, there may be a couple more that line up with the same weeks (especially the cycle 2 week 5), but I felt listing these were enough options for our family. If you have Netflix, I know they have Cat in the Hat and that’s where we will be watching it from. Here is a printable if it helps:

Cat in the Hat for CC

I got the idea from someone who had kindly done the work and made a printable of the matchups for Magic School Bus. We just bought those over the summer and we are looking forward to watching them as the weeks line up with CC. cat_in_the_hat


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