Bingo Review cards for CC or Homeschooling – Free Printable

Here is a fun way to review new grammar (or homeschooling subjects) with your class or little at home! B-I-N-G-O!

bingo 2

There may be free printable sets like this somewhere online, but I haven’t found any that I had in mind, so I made these and I hope they work for you, too. πŸ™‚ Click on the link at the bottom for the free printable. I made a simple, plain set to save on ink and I made a color set, which I think will help the littler ones because you can also tell them the color to look for to mark out to make the game easier.

I recommend printing them on cardstock and laminating them to make them sturdier and last longer. We are going to use a dry erase marker to mark out the correct subjects answered. But you can use cheerios, beans, anything really!

Instructions are on page 1, so that’s optional to print out. Basically, you (the tutor or Mom) draw one of the grammar review cards for the weeks you are reviewing. Ask a child the week you drew and if he/she gets it right, ALL the children can mark out that subject anywhere on their card. First one to fill a row down, across, or diagonally wins. Your choice on whether or not to keep playing the cards or start over. πŸ™‚ Β On the square “your choice,” you can ask that one at any time or play that one however it works for you. I think I will use it for a child that has been working on a particular subject and has been struggling, but may have it memorized now, if he/she asks for that square. Hope that made sense! ;p For up to 8 players.

bingo 1

bingo 3



The second link will include an option to print with pictures for the Abecedarians and Apprentices. These are not done in “CC colors.”

Here is the link for the cards with CC colors (pictures not included in this link):

Review Bingo CC colors




6 thoughts on “Bingo Review cards for CC or Homeschooling – Free Printable

  1. Is there somewhere I can go to print out the cards? do you have them on C3? I would love to use this as a new tutor and new to CC this year! But I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with making too much.


      1. The link is only for the bingo cards. I was wondering if you had the cards with all the info on them somewhere, they are pictured on a ring.


      2. Hi, Kira! I do have them, but unfortunately because they all contain the CC weekly memory work, I cannot share them. However, if you have the Foundations manual, it was pretty simple to copy the subjects and print them in a doc. You can also purchase the official CC memory work cards from their site.


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