It’s SUMMER!!!

Can you tell I am excited? It is my favorite season. Flip flops (ok, so around here those are a staple year round), the beach, the pool, no getting up early for community day (I still love you, CC), watermelon, cook-outs, and vacations! Of course, you have mosquitos and you have to start shaving your legs, ROFL, but other than that…best season of all!

We kick it off every year with new summer toys for…well, pretty much the above list. 🙂


I get to push our school bookcase into the corner and bring out the summer supplies! Usually I inflate most of the pool floaties, but we weren’t sure if we were moving the following week and I certainly didn’t want to deflate them all the week later. Seriously, there are about 10…and they’re pretty huge. I believe I posted my tip on inflating them in just a couple of minutes (each) on a previous post from the beginning of my blogging days.

You might be wondering about all these new things for summer. First, I think they are pretty much a necessity for my sanity during the couple of weeks here and there that we take breaks from homeschooling during the summer…so well worth spending to get. Second, and just as importantly, I get the majority the year before on clearance at the end of summer and save them in a tote in the attic or garage. 🙂


Most of these things are what everyone usually gets for regular summer days at the pool, beach, and backyard: the inflatable pool that my hubby says is a waste and I say it’s the last one, every year. Really, it is. I can do it! The sidewalk chalk, bubbles, play dough, and kinetic sand: all favorites around here for (mostly) quiet, no-help-from-Mommy-play. Although, side note: these do require clean up once I know my little ones are done playing with it. Some water balloons  – I highly recommend the ones that fill up and tie. You pretty much have to use them right away because they slowly leak, but they fill up so fast, using them asap doesn’t seem to be an issue. 😀 New goggles, like every year…they seem to outgrow them faster than shoes. That may be because they only wear flip flops, but whatever. Lol. Dive toys and the new water bounce ball my son wanted to badly last year. There were tons of them clearanced. New flippers that my daughter begged for but doesn’t like because they are hard on her feet. O.o Gotta love SPD. Water guns, beach towels, and water bottles are pretty vital. We go through the towels like crazy and last years’ water guns were wore out, so I knew they were worth getting.


The other side has some silly string, some science stuff, pool noodles, and the bubble station container. I got a mini container from Dollar Tree and just put a chalkboard label on it. Cute and easy. I will have to “tie” it down with small bungee cord so little ones don’t knock it over.



One other thing that I got, that was a splurge for ME…to save my back from lugging all this cool new stuff at the pool and beach:


Yes, the Rio beach cart. I am SO excited (like the night before the first day of back to school) for this new thing. I have used it since getting it and LOVE it. It goes through the sand when it’s all weighed down with so much more than I could carry…just turn it around backward and pull it (don’t push) and it works like a charm. Bonus numero uno? It also worked my legs, lol. But NOT my back, thank goodness. No more huge bag on each shoulder and arms full of other stuff!! Oh yeah, and where the seats can hang on…when you take them off at the beach, hang the kids’ towels and they don’t get sand in your bags anymore while reaching for their towels. And “park” it slightly away from where you will lay and they won’t kick sand up all over you while going for their towel, either. Lol.


Bonus numero dos? See that grey pattern bag in above picture? 😀 That is my bag for CC community days. Yes..I plan on using the Rio beach cart to put all of our things in so I *hopefully* make one (unpainful) trip in and out with our supplies for the day. All my tutoring supplies are in my bag and I will just put it on the bottom platform and all the children’s things in the mesh bag. Yay! I get so excited over “my school supplies.”

One reason why I splurged on the cart was because I thought I would give it a shot for CC. The bag on top near the handle…it’s removable! 🙂 This beach cart is totally worth it. I didn’t get it from Amazon, either. I got it from Walmart, online. Had it delivered to my store so I didn’t pay for shipping. I feel like this is going to be utilized well in our household. 😀 I feel like I’ve graduated from strollers to more fun stuff! haha.


And just in case you like the bag for my CC stuff, that is also from Walmart, from the sewing section. It’s for a sewing machine, but those long pockets are MADE FOR our tin whistles, lol…I’m certain of it. It was calling my name. All the organization loveliness of it! ❤



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