DIY Responsibility Chart

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been trying multiple things to get my children to learn the concept of self-motivation and doing their work before play. One thing works for my daughter, but not my son. She loves sticker charts. She is only 6, though. And she likes filling it up and getting something when it’s all full. I got one of those reward pads from Dollar Tree and we just use cheap stickers, too. Works like a charm for her. Not the case for my son. He knows they are just stickers and isn’t motivated at all to fill up a chart, lol.

So, I saw something my sister had saved on her phone. It was so simple to make and it WORKED! I was thinking, if it works for us, maybe it could help someone else. He gets up every.single.morning and goes straight to the chart on the fridge to start his responsibilities before he does anything else now. I love it! It’s such a simple concept, too, but I think he likes it because it’s visual and because it’s an immediate gratification…which he is all about. I still let him have 1 sticker for having ALL of his responsibility flaps closed. Without further ado, here is what we’re using for our ADHD boy that needs to see something finished:


Simple enough, right? My daughter’s flaps are almost always left open. This doesn’t work for her at all. Good enough…I have one thing that works for her and one for him and that makes me one happy Momma!

What you’ll need:

  1. a manilla folder
  2. glue gun
  3. printed pictures of responsibilities or draw them
  4. velcro
  5. black marker or pen
  6. magnets (optional)


I got this velcro from Dollar Tree. I tell ya, after Walmart, that place has been a life-saver for my budget.

Cut all your pictures and place them on the inside of the folder along the bottom fold. I used a glue stick to adhere them to the folder.



Cut the folder to be about an inch above the pictures and then cut the top flap where each picture meets (to make the individual flaps).

Now, using the glue gun, I attached the velcro (which I cut to size) above the pictures.


Close the flaps over the pictures and write “Done” on each flap.


I hot glued magnets on the back to put them on our fridge. I open the flaps each night and my son goes right on in to start on his responsibilities all on his own…even changing his clothes, which used to be a struggle every day. He loves to do dishes, so that’s his responsibility and his sister plays with TONS of toys and makes messes with them in every room, so that’s her responsibility. Change it up for what works for you. I will share the link to the ones I printed out if you want to start with those. 🙂

Responsibility Flip Chart



4 thoughts on “DIY Responsibility Chart

  1. So great. I need a version of this for teens:) Love the way you are flexible with finding what works for each kid.


    1. Thank you. As parents, I think it’s important that we are. Not only for making daily life more enjoyable, but to equip them with a love of learning, motivation, self discipline, and the knowledge of how to do it all without us! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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