DIY: Begin Bullet Journaling in Your Planner

Today I want to share with you all my planner! I really love it. I also recently learned of bullet journals…and love them. See, when you’re a list person with a Type A personality, you just can’t get enough organization and planning, lol. I really would like “simple,” but I don’t think that’s me. I like the idea of bullet journaling and it may even be what works for me…next year. I already purchased the Well Planned Day after looking through numerous planners. And I can’t let it go to waste. 🙂 So, what do I do?! I begin incorporating bullet journal aspects into my planner. So far, so good. It will also give me a year to keep learning about bullet journaling and decide whether that’s the way I want to go. I have to tell you, though, I do like that half the work is already done for me because I started with a planner. Here is my planner:


Of course, it didn’t start out this way. So let me walk you through how I snazzed it up to make it work for me. First, I grabbed some scrapbooking paper and my trusty glue gun (what in the world would we do without these?).


Cut down the paper to fit on one page of your journal that you won’t use (in this particular journal there are a couple of pages up front that are like an index, how-to-use, example pages, etc). I cut one paper at an angle…this makes a “folder.”


Do as many as or as little as you want. I also like that they reinforce the pages. 🙂



Now that those are done, I took apart last years’ planner to use in this one. I printed and laminated some charts that would help me. So, look on Google images to find what you might like…possibilities are endless and it sure it easier because then you aren’t writing them out all by hand like in bullet journaling.


I want to keep track of water I drink and days I do 21 Day Fix, so those are what I printed. I cut and laminated them and glued them with the hot glue onto the scrapbook page. I use a dry erase marker to keep track and then I can start over the next day on the food chart and the next week on the water. I made a strap on the front of my planner to hold my dry erase marker. Love it! Since this is laminated, it was easy to pull out of my last planner, peel the glue off, and put it in this one. Additionally, I added a top sleeve just using some tape to lay over top of the charts so the marker won’t rub off on the next page from use.

Next, I thought about what kind of legend (or key) I would use mostly. These are what I do often enough to put on mine. I like using a box for tasks so I can check them off when they are done. I looked on pinterest for legends and there are a lot of ideas, so do what works for you.



I added a To-Do list at the bottom because there was space. 🙂 Worked perfect for me. One thing I love about this planner is that it already lists daily reading plans to work your way through the bible. 🙂 I don’t have to make an additional list for it and I can continue to do my scripture notes/reading in the separate journal I already have for that. And since this is in my planner, if I am on the go and have some time, I can easily look up the daily reading here and read it from my phone.

The next part is obviously not necessary, but I love doing things with my children and like most, they can get tired of the same ‘ol stuff. I usually have this in a frame to use a dry erase marker to check it off, but this year I decided to laminate it and put it in my planner, which I am loving. Again, it’s with us when we go somewhere and I can pick something to do while we’re out or at home and mark it off. I believe I got this particular list from my Pinterest board. I will later replace it with the seasons as they change. 🙂


I like the look of the books for keeping track of my books I want to read. The idea behind this is that you color in the “book”  after you have read it to keep track. 🙂 I found it on Pinterest, of course, and just drew it in on one of the back pages in my planner. On the following page, I added a movie one.



We just purchased a dvd projector, so I added this additional list of movies to watch outdoors because we own them or can rent them. The first list are ones that will play in theaters or have been on my watch list for a while and I don’t want to forget them. 🙂


This next one is similar to our summer bucket list, but it’s not pertaining to a season, it’s more of what I want to do (or have done and need to start checking off) with my little ones that are more for the special occasions/memory making.


Now, in the very back of my planner, on the back page (cover?) I wanted to add a flip out kind of folder for our homeschooling group stuff (Classical Conversations). So I started with a file folder, cut it down to size, added some scrapbook paper and just glue the bottom and 2 sides to make pockets again.



Using some elastic, I made the band that will hold everything in better so it’s not flying open or all around the place now that I’ve added to it.


It’s important to glue the elastic down first before gluing the flip out folder.


Once you glue one side of the elastic, close your planner to get an idea of how much room you need to leave to keep it closed without being too tight or too loose. Then, open it, glue the other side of elastic down. Slide the folder between it and glue it down.

After that, I printed out a Cycle 2 at-a-glance in 5×7 size to use glue sticks and adhere it to the lower part of the folder so it’s with me on the go to: libraries, museums, appointments, everywhere! The one inside the folder is the printed out suggested book list from

Now that I’ve shown you how I’ve snazzed up my planner, I will show the fun pages it already comes with! This planner really has almost everything!

At the beginning of every monthly page, there are tear out shopping lists…


Weekly lesson plans (there are already color coded boxes – for up to 4 children – but I wanted to make mine stand out, so I traced them):


On the right of the weekly, the planner has tips! It also has room for notes, priorities, the weekend, and dinner meal plans!


A place for your bills (monthly):


And room for the budget:


A place for (monthly) book lists and field trips. I color coded the lists for my little ones.


A place for you to list your at-home “chores” for daily and yearly! I understand some of you may not be as excited about this part, but it makes me happy!!! Lol


The usual contact page:


A page with a teacher schedule:


Multiple student schedule (I think there are 4):


And the page beside the student schedule is for their details, like their curriculum.



Tear out chore charts for the children:

I would suggest laminating them if you tear them out and maybe place them on the fridge and use a dry erase marker.


Tear out daily homework checklist. I would also laminate this and use a dry erase. Glue a magnet to the back and put it on the fridge…


This page is for tracking birthdays, anniversaries, and “other” occasions to remember.


In the back of the planner, there is a progress report section (not pictured), the attendance reports, and a report card to tear out.


Hope you like the planner as much as I do! If you like this particular one it’s from the Well Planned Gal page. She has day planners, teacher planners, and student planners. This is the day planner. I thought it would come closest to having a little bit of everything for our needs. I hope you like and incorporate the ideas to dress your own planner or journal up a bit. I can’t wait to update you next year with new tips and tricks for keeping organized!

Btw, I also added the tabs that are at the top of my planner. I got them from Michaels and Dollar Tree. I used a paint pen (not marker) to write on the tabs.




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