Baptism Sack DIY

My 2 little ones were baptized yesterday and I couldn’t be happier about it! I have been waiting for this moment since February when they both prayed the Prayer of Salvation and accepted Jesus into their hearts. I wanted to give them a little something to make it fun and memorable (not that it wasn’t, that’s just me). So, I saw this bag idea somewhere, but you had to pay for the printable and the bag was filled with just treats. So, I created it on my computer and then filled these with a few goodies.



Again, this was not from my own site! It was found here:

Here are the things I filled our bags with:

13319765_10157520305865131_1405337186634777287_n (1)


I found some printables I liked on Pinterest and saved them to my board, Raising My Lo’s. I printed them out, laminated them, and with the larger set, added a hole and ring.  I ordered the devotionals from Amazon, the mints, bracelet, coin purse, and pencils are from a Christian store I visited on vacation.



For the devotionals,there are other age sets, but these were for my little ones’ ages. 🙂

You can find the links to the larger printable on this site:

ABC Biblical Character Cards {FREE!}

The other smaller set was from reading and looking up “what happens when you get baptized” and some sites listed off some scriptures. I typed it up and made it into small cards. If you would like the pdf, here is the link:

Salvation Cards Printable




They already have bibles, so I didn’t include new ones. I did find this other site with cute, practical ideas on what to fill a baptism bag with meaning behind them.

In addition to their baptism bags, I gifted them with money jars so that we can begin working on budgeting this summer.


13241125_10157465540060131_2088708674688831867_n (1)

I did one set in pink and one in blue. I got these jars from Dollar Tree, attached chalkboard labels (also from DT), and wrote on them with a chalk marker.





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