DIY Calm Down Bin


Today I wanted to share with you something I put together for little ones that need a distraction for one reason or another. It’s small, so you can take it on the go, put it in a bag, fits on little ones’ laps in the car, or anywhere. I have quiet activities in mine to help calm down the children at appointments, church, nurseries, etc. You can put anything you want in one, but the point is to keep it calming and not overly stimulating.  I have one little one that may have ADHD and one little one that is on the autism spectrum. This comes in handy!

Here is what is in ours:


These cute little printables. If they are somewhere that they can do yoga, there are some easy, child poses on there with descriptions. There are ways to help them calm down on the other cards. I taped one to the lid and the others just rest inside the bin.



Things they can quietly play with that keeps little hands busy (and minds). Some small toys for fine motor skills work great. I got these cute lacing animals from Dollar Tree and the play pack is from Walmart. The red balls with the plastic rods to build structures came from a kit (have no idea where) that I almost threw away and thought about keeping them just for this calm down kit. I put some play-doh in a baggie so it won’t dry out when it gets opened (use your own judgement if they can handle play-doh neatly, lol), and a squishy blue, light up squeezie. You can also fill a balloon (un-aired up) slightly with sand and tie it in a knot for the same effect.




If you like the printables, here are the sites: YOGA:

Calm Down Yoga Poses for Kids


Tips for Calming the Angry Child PLUS 8 Calming Tools to do ANYWHERE

or you can find them anytime on my Pinterest board: Raising My LO’s  (little one’s)


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