DIY Routine Fridge Strips

I saw a nice printable for a summer routine for screen time for little ones. I thought about printing one out, but I needed one more personalized for what would work for us. This isn’t the one I saw, but I like it and thought I would share it with you if you want to print it.


What I needed is more of a routine I can clearly see to stay on track!! I just lose track of what we’re supposed to be doing throughout the day when I get sucked into chores and catching up on odds and ends. Then, the little ones end up playing all day before I know it. These magnets can be put on your fridge, which was my original intention. BIG and in plain sight where I will have to pass by it multiple times and can’t miss what I want to be doing. Like, our devotional every morning. Before I know 2-3 days have gone by and instead of starting on that before school or before fun sometimes (whoops), the time has passed us by. Also, lunch. I know you would think surely a SAHM would remember to stop at lunch and feed the little ones, lol. Well, again, I get sucked into doing other things that aren’t as important to me as this ideal day in my head that I’ve had for at least a year and I forget to eat, let alone, start lunch at such and such time or after such and such activity. Usually, one of the children let me know, lol. Around here, we just eat when we’re hungry, not by the clock. But, I do want that to be different. I am hoping this IN YOUR FACE magnet schedule will help us do that! Also, I read on another blog about morning baskets and I would love to do that. I gathered everything I thought I would need. And put it in a drawer with our school books. It hasn’t moved. I thought, oh, I don’t need an actual basket out on the table to do this (I like clean lines and no clutter: ie. things put in cabinets and drawers). I guess because I don’t see it out, it doesn’t get done. In addition…I want to move on from children’s books to a chapter book for our family at night, so I would like it to be more regular than our “sometimes” nightly book readings.


Long story short: here is the printable that you can put on your fridge (or if you like this magnetic wall plaque and you don’t have a green thumb and your herbs all died from trying to make a wall herb garden, you can get this at Michaels and paint the trim any color).

Routine Strips

Just print them out, laminate them, and attach a magnet to the back. πŸ™‚ And if you’re looking for ideas for your little ones to earn their screen time (or for chores or discipline), you can check my previous post with the chore jar. πŸ™‚


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