New Grammar Games & Ideas

I’m sharing with you today my New Grammar games/ideas for CC. This is my “easy” list of things to fall back on if I haven’t created a new, more “complicated game” for a specific subject, lol. You probably already know/have done all of these (last year was my first year, so I haven’t got an extensive “cool” list), but this is at least ready for you to print out if you need ideas. 🙂

NG 1

Feel free to print this off and use it with my Tutor Planning sheets. Just simply fill in the blanks of the games you choose and you’re ready! At least, with N.G. (New Grammar). 😉

N.G. Intros

Here is the list of exercises your students can do while they repeat their N.G.

NG 2


“If You” Printable : there are a few to pick from. Cut these out and use them as a back up or as your subject game for that day. This is to use after they have heard it 1-2 times. Example: tutor first or cd, class as a group next, then If You list.

NG 3



Here is a list of the voices you can use. The first pdf is one I created to go with another one that I printed out. So, the second is not mine, but I will share the link to where you can print yours!

NG 4

Voices for Words

Site for first set of voices:

I really hope you enjoy these printables and that they make this year easier for you to plan out! If you have new ideas that I can add into my printables and you wouldn’t mind sharing, please let me know. 🙂 Blessings!!



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