Tub & Toys Organization

I am just sharing what I recently discovered as an inexpensive way to store your children’s tub toys! I wish I had known this years ago, lol. I bought some plastic bins from Dollar Tree that I can just scoop up the toys in the tub water and hang on some suction cup hooks & they dry out, too!  I love organization that it cheap and easy!

Here is what it looks like from above so you can see the suction cups…


Here is how it is in the tub…


I used to store their tub toys in a bin and put them in the bathroom linen closet every time and dump out the water that collected and sanitize the toys constantly because they wouldn’t dry as well. This is so much easier, plus I don’t have to pick them all up individually, I just scoop and hang! And I don’t have to get them out of the closet every time because now they can just reach them on their own when they take a bath. Love it!

Hope it helps you, too! 😉


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