DIY Faux Oil Pictures

I am in love with this new collage that took me almost 2 years to finish (long story). Yes, I am aware of NOW that you are not supposed to take photos on RR tracks, but this was years ago before it was publicly being made aware for us beginner photo takers! I hope you are at least inspired to get out your favorite photos and try this yourself. πŸ™‚

Don’t mind the canvas (I am already working on repainting that!). This photo was taken before I had added the gel to the collage to give it an oil painted look.


What I wanted to do was create a collage of my children together, one in each season, but in the same location. πŸ™‚ I chose to take a photo of them walking together, holding hands. I started with the season we were in, but I hang them in the order of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Choose the photo you want to use. I had ours printed to be as large as I thought I could and still look good because I didn’t shoot them in raw form. They would have been grainy if I enlarged them too much, so I chose 8×10 (I used service from Shutterfly every time they offered 1 free 8×10 until I had them all done) and trimmed them down when I had the canvas’. I used some cardboard canvas’ that I got on clearance from Dollar Tree (so this was a pretty inexpensive project for me).

I used a strong all adhesive glue and laid the photo on top of the canvas and placed a heavy book on top overnight to set it. Then, I folded the edges over to create the crease, then glued that down. After the glue has set, I used a texture gel to “paint” across the top of the photos.


I got mine from Michaels and if you use a coupon, it’s about $9. I used a mini roller to “paint” the gel on.


Here is what it will look like after you paint the gel on. It will dry clear!




I don’t know how well you can see the texture, but I think for less than $15 and my first time, they turned out pretty good!! I can’t wait to hang them on the walls of our new home (already filled all our nail holes in for a move πŸ™‚ ).




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