Last Day of CC

I shared with you all the Skeeball review game I made last week for our carnival style review day in celebration of our last community day at co-op.

They really enjoyed it!


I printed out a polka dot pennant banner and wrote with a dry erase marker on it and hung it with curling ribbon for an easy (hopefully reusable) decoration. I decorated our classroom inside, too!

First, I hung streamers outside my class door for the children to walk through. They liked running in and out. I got a set of 2 chalkboard signs at the dollar spot in Target last year. Glad I had one left! I used my chalkboard markers on it..which won’t come off, btw. It’s a cardboard sign, so if you wipe off the chalk, you wipe off everything! Yes, that’s my little one in her pj’s…the perks of homeschooling (even if we leave the house).


I decorated the small table in the back of the room to put the goodies on…their goody bags and snacks.


Their table, some balloons, and my board for our last day…


I decorated the chalkboard sign for anyone wanting End of Year pics


The bags are the At Home Science Kits for the students to take home and their own passports, too! I have printables for them both on a previous post.


I snagged these little cut bottles with graduation caps at the Dollar Tree…one of the few grad items that didn’t have the year on them and it’s perfect because my children looove bubbles!


Soooo, I messed up the cupcakes just a bit. I thought I could make graduation caps to top them…and I did, but I guess I will have to use something more solid next time. Tootsie rolls don’t hold up well. Now you know.


I almost threw away my Candyland DVD game this past year…but lucky for my class, I thought I would use the tiles for a cupcake walk review game. It worked out pretty good because I didn’t have to tape the tiles down like when I just use paper and they didn’t slide around.


Of course, you know how to play this game! I had a mom bring in some cupcakes so they actually won cupcakes when they answered their review question correctly. 🙂


Another review game for our carnival style day was a balloon pop with a dart. Yes, supervised. 😀 I put some treats inside the balloons and aired them up. The board they are on is actually a canvas that again, I almost threw away, but didn’t! Hey…I tried decluttering the garage. A for effort! Anyway, I has some leftover plain white wrapping paper that I used a self adhesive spray to glue down to the canvas and used a perm. marker to write our subjects on. These easily stayed on the canvas with tacks! When they pop one, we just grabbed one from the bag and filled the hole (I brought 3 garbage bags full of balloons).



Pie Face was the last review game I set up, but I don’t have pics because it got crazy! 🙂 Everyone’s class just rotated around to the games and got a couple of rounds before moving on. I think they really liked their last day and won’t forget it anytime soon. 😀

I really enjoyed our experience with a co-op this year and I think I can easily speak for my family when I say, we look forward to next year!


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