Review Game – Skeeball!

It was pretty simple to make a skeeball review game! I got a pretty decent sized box from a friend, luckily! 13000295_10157335166120131_2025767330133726776_n

I cut the top and sides down the way I wanted them. You can do them anyway you want to, but I wanted a little bit of side left and a little curve so it didn’t look like it had just been a box a few minutes before, lol.


Next, I trimmed down the back flap so the balls could get over the box. Also, the same friend had a small skateboard ramp!! I was going to make a ramp with the cardboard, but this saved me a lot of time and work!


I cleaned off some of the sticky leftover paper and glue and got to work on a printable for the game.


You can see my children already coming to play! They never come play the games I am making…this is a good sign! I let them play while I finish up the details and I ask them review questions.


I added wrapping paper around mine to fancy it up a bit. It’s all the time I had. I originally thought I would paint it. Maybe next year! Sorry for my thumb in the photo, hehehe. I set aside three different size and weighted balls for them to experiment with. We have a plastic bowling ball, which as you can see, may be a bit to “strong” for the buckets. It fits and seems ok, but the next smaller sized balls we have work better. We have ping pong balls and those work alright, but have a bit more bounce to them. The ones I liked are the ones from a nerf gun that shoot the balls, not the darts. They are kind of like a foam…just a smidgen heavier than ping pong balls and just about the right size for the little hands.


I had 7 buckets from …well, I almost hate to say where from. Ok, ok…from McDonald’s. There…it’s out! If it’s any better, they are from about 5 years ago! I do try to eat better now…ok, ok, so the team members at Chick-fil-A know me and my littles by name and I have the A-list card. I’m helping a local, Christian family that I go to the same church with, lol. Alright, so I set the buckets up and simply taped a popsicle stick to them and attached index cards I had write the subjects on and tape those on. Done! See how easy?! And the kids love this game at Chuck E Cheese – hey! we don’t have one locally, so it’s not like I am there all the time…maybe once a year. I do sometimes cook. Yes, I need support, lol. A group for “Fast Fooders Anonymous.”

I was able to make this with pretty much everything I already had or that a friend gave to me! That’s the best stuff!





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