Science Kit in a Bag DIY Gift

It’s nearing the end of our homeschool co-op year! It’s time to start making end of year gifts for the little ones.

This past year, I was blessed enough to tutor in my son’s room! It’s had its joys and its struggles, lol, but I am SO glad I got the experience. I learned how much my son really loves science! It was the one thing that he tuned in to every time it was time. And not just my son…all the children in the room. I don’t know what it is…the hands on, the wonder and awe, the curiosity…just something different to do maybe. They all loved science experiments. I knew I wanted to try to give them something to keep them busy and hands on and something they would enjoy…something unique. So, I found some science experiments online (and even some DIY science kits), but none that were free and what I love about the one I made…3 out of the 4 experiments actually lined up with some things they learned this past year with cycle 1. How cool is that?! I hope the parents take some pics and post so I can see how the conclusions turned out!

The experiments I printed up are called:

  • Fizzy Fun
  • Water Bottle Fountain (2 parts)
  • Dissolving Rocks
  • Rain Cloud in a Jar

The water bottle fountain is the only one that didn’t really go with our cycle, but I thought they would like it.

To put your own kit like this one together, you’ll need to print the science kit and collect:

  • paper bags
  • limestone rock
  • empty water bottle
  • straw
  • blu-tac
  • small plastic toy
  • 1/2 C container of baking soda
  • 1/2 C container of vinegar


  • ribbon for tying
  • spill proof mini container of blue food coloring
  • mini cans of shaving cream
  • droppers

Fill your containers and label.

Print, cut, and glue the cover on the bag. Put the materials in and tie it up! Voila!





If you’d like the printables, click here:

science kit


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