End of School Year Celebration


Welcome Summer Celebration

We like to celebrate pretty much everything…summer around the corner is always a must-celebrate! It’s my favorite season…it’s warm, everything is in bloom, vacation time, and best of all, pool and beach days. Need I say more?

Here is how we ring in the summer season and end of the school year (even though it begins again a week later, lol).

They wake up to this:



Last year, my children got to wake up to this (previous years I would do it while he was in school, but this past year that’s been at home!). I want to try to recreate the same thing because they had so much fun and I still have the decorations, haha.

This pop up play tent has been so awesome to have! We take it to the park, to the beach, just outside our house…it’s so handy. We’ve had picnics in it, play sand in it, ball pit balls in it, beach balls, pillows and blankets for movies, and on and on. I printed out a polka dot pennant banner and just used a marker to write what I wanted on it. Then, strung it up with curling ribbon. The other decor is from a cardboard set from a beach theme from Party City (about 2 years ago). Then, I filled it with some balloons and beach balls…


Of course, there are some things every year that you go through and have to buy more…so this is the perfect opportunity to display them and let them feel like they are getting some gifts…stuff I would buy anyway. Inflatables galore because for the first time ever, we live in a community with a pool. Now the children don’t want to leave, haha. The foam water blasters are one of the best pool toys we have ever had. They used them all summer (so did the other children at the pool!) and by the end, they had to be thrown away (they wore them out and the pump didn’t work). I usually throw in their new swim wear, towels, goggles, sunblock, silly string, water balloons, inflatables, dive toys, sand molds, water balls, chalk, bubbles, and new snow cone flavors.



I had some treats ready to go, but my daughter wanted to help with the “fresher” stuff.


She helped make the fruit kabobs and the turkey roll-ups.



My son was ready to head out to the smaller pool before friends came over and we take them to the community pool.

His new swimwear. ๐Ÿ™‚ That he still isn’t wearing! Unfortunately, having tiny framed children, a lot of clothes that are “their size” are actually too large around the waist and they don’t like the bunched-up feeling the drawstrings give. So, his shorts are usually s-h-o-r-t, lol, because they are about 2 sizes smaller!


The other thing I have ready on our first day of celebrating summer and school being done for this past year is have new sand in the sandbox. My little lady spends a lot of time outside in the sandbox.


Then she’s ready to get rinsed off! I’m so glad she likes the little pool still. Partly because it reminds me of their littler childhood days and partly because it’s so easy to get them ready and send them out in the pool to play as long as they want while I can still do what I want, rather than load up every inflatable (almost) and head to the pool at the end of the road. Call me lazy, lol, but I like a laid-back summer. This is easier! She doesn’t seem to mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think I can squeeze one more summer out with a “tiny” pool.


Then, we finish it all off with their choice of flavor of snow cones! They love these (and so do I!). This has been another summer-must have that I am so glad I bought years ago. Every little friend that comes over loves them, too. And it costs way less than those Kona cones! ๐Ÿ™‚


The printables aren’t mine, but if you would like the ones I used, here is the printable:






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