Summer Passports – End of Year Gift

I am trying to make a goodie bag for my littles in my class and come up with something they can use! I created science kits in a bag last night and today I created a summer passport printable for them. I hope they like it!

passport 1

I created it to have a few different options, in case I might print them for a different age group next year or in case parents want to print some more off for siblings. 🙂

The first page is the cover, of course. 🙂 Inside is the first and simplest option: just the info, a photo, and one page for stamps or stickers (I will include a set of stickers).

passport 2

These take up half a page, so one page prints enough for 2 children.

The second option just adds an additional page to put on stamps or stickers.

passport 3

The third option allows for the children to write in some details about where they went.

passport 4

And the last page to print is for local, simple summer fun ideas.


I think this would make a great welcome back to school presentation idea if they fill these in! I hope to use them on our second or third week (already have plans for week 1) for presentations (or if you go to public school, for show-and-tell). It will be helpful as a summary and reminder for the children of what they did and enjoyed over the summer!

Summer Passport


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