End of Year Printable

This is my first year as a tutor for CC…and some things have been last minute either because I didn’t know about it or because I ran out of time! Isn’t that so much like most things we need to get done?

So I wasn’t really aware of the end of year presentation that is given by each class at the end of the year ceremony. I’m a Type A personality…and love to go over the top and prep, prep, prep. Sometimes, I don’t get that opportunity…like now, haha. So I had to scramble to think of what my children could do with 2 weeks of notice…

Some classes are doing skits, some are doing songs and hand motions, and some tutors even are making boards with a collection of the children’s accomplishments/work/art, etc…

What can you do with only 2 weeks of prep time? Well, hopefully, this worksheet! It’s simple enough for my Apprentices and should fit in the time frame for our class. They will fill this out on week 23 and I will take it home to put up on a posterboard with some of their art or best worksheets, etc.

Maybe this could work with Abecedarians with help from Mom or if they can write a few words. Or draw pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚


I think it will make a cute little keepsake with their photos or CC yearbook, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Favorite EOY Printable


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