Date Night Jar 2-in-1

I don’t have a printable for you for this one, but I do have a pretty easy date night jar idea that works for going out or staying in! I didn’t want a bunch of printables for this or too many lists. So instead, I made this Date Night jar with popsicle sticks! And it was easy…you can do it, too!


One bonus about this way is that since it’s not a printable, you can tailor it to what date night ideas you and your hubby would actually do together. A lot of date night ideas out there, my hubby wouldn’t do…I just gotta say. So, here is what you do:

*pick a jar. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but Target had these really cute ones with a chalkboard label on the front, so I wrote “love” on mine.

*paint your popsicle sticks, one side at a time and allow them to fully dry

*use a paint pen to write your personalized date night ideas onto your popsicle sticks

-on one side, write your at home ideas

-after the paint writing dries, write your going out ideas on the other side


You can come up with your own ideas or find hundreds of date night ideas online that you don’t have to print. 🙂





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