Caterpillar Learning Fun

I’m not sure what to categorize these under…so of course it will plague me. :p

I made 2 new caterpillar crafts for homeschooling…one is for reviewing our subjects and one is for math review or even skip counting math.

The first one is originally known as Wiggly Worm, but I don’t like worms, lol. They aren’t cute (to me). So, I wanted to make a caterpillar. I painted popsicle sticks light green (you can obviously choose any shade you like). I painted caterpillars on 3 of them and wrote with a permanent marker the subjects we review. In our case, it’s history, latin, timeline, science, geography, english, and math. The game is easy. The children take turns drawing a stick and if they get a subject they answer a review question. If they get the caterpillar, they get to wiggle on the ground for about a minute. It gets the energy (and giggles) out!

The second craft is a math review, specifically for skip counting. I cut out lots (I think 20 each caterpillar) of circles from construction paper. Made one caterpillar head with the construction paper. Then, I took it to the library, laid it out backward and facing down and taped them just enough to hold the circles the way I wanted. Next, the librarians laminated them for me. So the concept is that you hang it on your wall (I used sticky tack – that blue stuff) and use a dry erase marker to write your math skip counting numbers your children are working on that week. For our homeschool community, we do 2 sets each week.



Now, if you’re like me, you realized 2 of these things don’t belong, lol. I had them taped and laminated before I realized what I did “wrong.” The heads are on the wrong end on one pair, so you have to make sure you do it backward if you want them on the left so you can write on them going right. Which, you still can…it just seems “off” to me, haha. Just a tad OCD there. You can use rubbing alcohol or a magic eraser to clean the caterpillar and do the next week’s numbers. 🙂 I would erase random numbers or let the children do it and have another child come up and sing and write the missing 1-2 numbers.


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