Spring Review Game

If you have seen my past blog about the giant review board I made out of poster board last fall, then you will already know how this works! 🙂

Basically, I made this last fall:


I wanted to do a pumpkin patch for a fall theme and drew circles (tracing a lid or something round) with pencil, went over it with permanent marker and labeled the SUBJECTS inside those circles. My daughter came along during the process and of course, wanted to help! My OCD sometimes has to take a back seat. Then, we proceeded to place stickers on it together. I took it to the library to laminate it…I think it was about $5. Worth it! Next, I used a ultra fine tip dry erase marker to write the WEEKS we are reviewing. Now, you can use this to review any week throughout the year that you need to. I have to erase mine with a piece of Magic Eraser, but it works perfectly. For winter, you can use cotton rounds or cotton balls to represent snow (or if you have snowflakes of some sort, even better). For Valentine’s, I used medium sized foam stickers to lay on top of the circles (don’t take the backing off, you want to be able to keep using your board). For spring, I found the perfect sized table confetti in my Easter tote I just dug out that I had bought last year on clearance! I was so excited! haha

I love using this review game because it’s so simple, they move through ALL the questions in the 30 minutes, and I can keep re-using it. Plus, it really was easy and fun to make and cheap.

Here is what it looks like all nice and clean/erased:



wtih weeks label

The marker I use:


And with the spring confetti on my board!!



You can find anything you want to cover the circles! I used pumpkins for the fall and the great thing is that they get a treat and they are doing review! When I don’t have a treat on top, I just let them either have a gem in a jar that they are working on filling for a class party, or they get a sticker on their chart that they fill for a goodie bag.

I used 2 of the confetti bags to cover this and it was still one decoration short, so I have to buy one more bag, just so you know!


Hope you enjoyed this post and have fun creating your own review board.


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