Frame Soji Makeover

Hello, everyone! I wanted to share with you a post about one of those wooden frame soji’s. I bought one years ago and was ready to toss it out about a year ago. You know how your taste changes over time and I just didn’t like the light pine wood look anymore (not that it was a favorite in the beginning, but it was cheap! 😉 ). While I was on m painting binge, I decided to paint the frame screen, too! Here is how it turned out:


At the time, I was prepping for my daughter’s fairy princess party, so I added in a lot of fairy and springtime elements. I printed off photos I liked, used scrapbook paper, and even glued some decorations to give it a 3D look (I really liked how that turned out). I used it for the photo backdrop with the wooden bench (in the background) that I painted, too. Now, I just change out the scrapbook paper and photos to match whatever birthday we’re doing and holidays, too! I ❤ it!


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