Spring Review Game for CC

Hello, fellow CC Moms. 😉 I just wanted to share with you a review game idea I have (which may already exist, lol) with the many, many plastic eggs for all the egg-hoarders like myself out there! haha


I don’t know I can’t seem to give them up, yet. I’m working on it! In the meantime, I was trying to think of how I can incorporate them into Classical Conversations community day for a review (or anything). The weeks we are reviewing currently are 13-19, so that’s the printout I have to share with you, but I think it’s possible to change the numbers in a pdf when you open it. If not, I’ll be making more! 🙂


Print this little guy out and cut them out. If you’re so blessed as to have a paper cutter, it’s priceless, isn’t it? My wonderful Mom gifted me with one about a month into CC and I can’t thank her enough!


Gather your supplies…eggs and printed slips of the subject and weeks (jelly beans or other treats are optional, but great motivation).


Start stuffing away! Really, it didn’t take long…it’s only 49 eggs and I have done way more than that just for my little ones. 🙂

If you have one of those (cheap, haha) plastic baskets, it turns out that it’s just the right size to hold just enough eggs for review! Perfect. 🙂


Here is the download for you to enjoy for weeks 13-19

Review List 13-19


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