Furniture Upcycle

Have you ever bought one of those over-the-toilet cabinets? I did years ago. Eventually, the bottoms get wet if you have little ones that have some pretty splashy baths and the bottom starts to erode. Don’t throw it out!! You can still upcycle it. 🙂 I almost threw mine away, but we didn’t have a lot of furniture and storage solutions, so I was hesitant to get rid of one just because I didn’t like how the bottom looked anymore. So, I decided I would keep it, but not keep the bottom. I kept just the top cabinet, put some primer and white paint on it. Then, I ordered some scrapbook papers that matched the theme I was doing in my daughter’s room and used a spray adhesive to glue them on. Later, I bought some caster wheels to attach to the bottom, but since this is a slim piece of furniture, let me save you some trouble and tell you to just buy some good, wide footers. The wheels were great on our wood floors at our last house, but this house has carpet and it fell over when we moved in and broke a part of the top corner! 😦


Still, it turned out pretty cute and I can use it until we can buy the next thing.



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