DIY Travel Tray

I like those lap travel trays for children, but some of them are pricey! They’ve come down in price since they came out, but I came up with this easy, fast d-i-y travel tray.

I purchased a mini cookie sheet from Dollar Tree and spray painted it. Then, I used some alphabet stickers (also from Dollar Tree!) to put my children’s name on the front. I had a really cute pillowcase (from, guess where!) and cut it slightly larger than the tray (there is enough material for both travel trays from one pillow case). I used my glue gun to glue the edges, turned inward, onto the bottom of the cookie sheet…do this until you have 3 sides done. I used poly-fil to create cushion (which worked well), but there are so many things you could probably put inside (like beanbag styrofoam)…or even easier, use a travel pillow and just hot glue it on the bottom! I’ll have to remember that if I make more. Lastly, I clipped on some flashlights.

These are great because of the edges keep things from rolling off and the cookie sheet is magnetic for my daughter’s magnet dress up dolls. They use them to do activity sheets on in the vehicle and to eat on, too!




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