Inexpensive Valentine Decor Ideas

I want to share with you some very inexpensive ways you can dress up your home for the most romantic, loving day of the year: Valentine’s! I love this holiday! I love giving my children little surprises to let them know how much I love them, as well as the extra craft time we get together and the special baking. It’s just like an extension of December, but with lots of pink!!

I like to buy a lot of our Valentine supplies the year before on clearance! You get the best deals. For example, those extra large Valentine cards that are still leftover are only about $1, compared to the $5 to get them before Valentine’s. If you don’t want to get one to send to a loved one or give to your little one for next year, think about what crafts you can do with them. I thought they would make excellent “pictures” on the wall and mantle.


I just put a couple of tacks up there to hold it up because the holes are so small with tacks and since we’re moving soon, I have to fill in holes anyway, so I thought, what’s a couple more tiny ones?


For my mantle, I just laid one of those extra large cards on top of a frame I already had sitting up there, made some bows to go on candles I already had, and put in a few extras. The silver/white mesh swag is from Christmas, that I carried into New Year’s, that I wasn’t ready to take down for Valentine’s. So much of my decor is silver and sparkly, so I thought it would still be ok if I added in some ribbon and Valentine picks. I got those at Michaels and spent about $5 on this look. I have extra ribbon, but it wasn’t what I thought it was, so I will have to exchange it and add to it later. The wine bottle is just spray painted white (thanks to my thoughtful Mom) and I added some twine and a couple of the picks. The “love” block in the middle is from last year’s decor that came from Walmart…those awesome cardboard decorations they’ve been selling during the holidays. I printed out images from online that I liked, ripped the paper to give it an aged and patched look, then mod podged them on. Oh, and painted the edges. It was really easy!


10978536_10155601528195131_8941618885999915527_n (1)



For my coffee table, I used my silver tray from Michaels, added a candle and a couple of flower centerpieces I made, then sprinkled some rose petals around. The carnation flowers were from Dollar tree. I cut the stems down, inserted them into a styrofoam ball, also from DT, and added some glitter on the edges (with a mixture of glitter and mid podge; just paint it on the flower tips).




For my kitchen table, I used a silk pink runner from our would-be wedding reception, some candles I had (for the same reason), and sprinkled more rose petals across the runner.



The embellishments on the candles are just puffy decorative stickers from Michaels in the scrapbooking section.


Something really fun, easy, and cheap that you can do are the coffee filter wreaths…


I made this last year with a friend, and then just used some silver ribbon to hang it over the mirror. I am debating whether or not to add some silver glitter to the edges like the carnation flower topiaries I did or if that would just be too much.

My new Valentine wreath I did for this year was a remake of last year’s wreath after I had a little more practice and a few more decorations.

I love it so much better than last year’s and love how it turned out. It’s so cute!


That’s all I have for now! I hope to add more to my collection after Valentine’s this year when I hit up the clearance items! 🙂



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