Menu Board DIY

A couple of years ago, I really wanted to start meal planning and thought I should make a menu board. I’m a type A, list, and plan-it-out kind of person. So what I came up with was upcycling the cork board my m-i-l gave me that was sitting in my attic that I had no clue what to do with.

First, I painted the frame. Then, I picked the scrapbook papers I wanted for my background. I used my glue gun to put those in place, glued some ribbon, glued on my painted clothespins, a mini clip board and some crayon boxes (that I also covered those both in scrapbook paper).

Here is the result:


Then, I got to work making my menu and printed it all out to fit in tiny rectangles. Separately (because I didn’t know how to print double sided without probably messing them all up) I printed out the ingredients on paper. Trimmed the meals, trimmed the ingredients, and glued the matching ones back to back. All I have to do is place my meal card for the night on the clothespin and before grocery shopping, grab the ones I want to use that week to take with me: the ingredients I need to purchase for those meals are on it!! Plus, on the mini clip board, I keep a pad of paper to write anything miscellaneous down onto, the recipe cards I need slide right into the ribbon on the bottom, and the meals I haven’t used are in the top box. After I make the meal, it goes into the bottom until I have used all the meals and I start over. So we don’t have the same thing over and over. 🙂 This has been a great system for my family. I have a little over a month’s worth of meals printed, so far (the rectangles are all the same size, but they curled in our packing and moving process).



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