Kid Table Makeover

I am so blessed that I’m in the right place at the right time when someone is giving away/throwing away furniture! A preschool that my son used to attend was going to trash a table and chair set that was broke (they had already ordered an exact replacement). And I asked if I could have it since it was going to the trash. All I ended up having to do when I got home was get some screws that would fit (for some reason, a few were missing…probably why it was all wobbly) and sand it down. I didn’t prime it because it was already white (and well, I didn’t know anything about painting furniture!).


It was really well worn and loved! I added about 4 coats of white paint over the course of a week…


And then it was ready for my two little ones to use for the next few years!! I then purchased a $5 clear tablecloth from Walmart and wrapped it over the top and used my glue gun on the underside to attach it so that I could hopefully save the table for a few years. Worked out great for almost 6 full years until I wanted to take it off. It had adhered to the table and took some of the paint right off with it. So this week, I am doing the table again, but I’m thinking either dry erase or chalkboard!!! Squueeeee! So excited!


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