Inexpensive Furniture Make-over

My daughter was still sleeping in her toddler bed with no dressers in her room, only a bookcase with some baskets for clothes that needed folding: enter my wonderful friend giving away furniture that her husband found while dumpster diving! Yes, that’s right…on the side of the road.

She asked if we needed a bed and I told her sure, we could go ahead and take it and fix it. We might as well…eventually we would need a bigger bed than the toddler/crib size. Then she asked well, do you need a dresser, too? YES!! Even better! So, off to the store to buy my supplies!

I used a white primer, white indoor paint, and polycrylic. I didn’t sand any of the furniture first, but I did clean it all and dry it. I used the garage to set everything up so I could keep the door open for ventilation.

This first piece was a dining room hutch that I got the same week for $15 at a yard sale…


This ‘headboard” was $5 from the yard sale. Not sure if that’s what it is supposed to be, but when I saw it, that’s what I decided it was going to be at my place!


This is the dresser that was on the side of the road for trash pick up…


Here is the bed that was on the side of the road for trash pick up…(she had the drawers that came with it, but I set them to the side for painting)


I did 2 coats of primer, 3 coats of white paint, and 2 coats of polycrylic. Don’t forget to let each coat dry for the time on the can. The polycrylic has to dry no less than 24 hours between coats.

Right before I painted it all, she gave me a shelf that she was going to throw away. So I figured I would paint it to match!

Here is everything after I’ve painted it:


I realized after putting it together, that I put the cabinet doors on the wrong sides, so they are upside down, but after days of painting 4 large pieces of furniture, I was exhausted! I finally fixed them this week. πŸ™‚

Here is the hutch after I’ve put on a faux backdrop that I can remove when I want to change the theme or color:


The faux backdrop is so easy to make! I cut some foam board from the dollar store to fit the shelf wall. Sprayed it with a spray adhesive and attached the decorative short roll of wallpaper I had from Michaels. I also used it on the doors. Unfortunately, from here you can see that I cut the foam board a little too short on one side, but this was a cheap way to spruce up the background, so I kinda don’t care, rofl…I painted for days!

Here is the “tall” dresser when it’s done. I have to fix a couple of the drawer sliders, but other than that, it’s perfect! I took all the hardware off before doing any priming and painting, so I spray painted those a silver.


Here is the shelf that was going in the trash (it was also originally a brown shade like the “before” furniture).


Here is the new headboard:


I added the foam board backing to the headboard so that all the furniture would tie together.

Here is the bed put together:


I looooove how all of the furniture turned out in my daughter’s room! I am so thankful to have a friend in my life that is so loving and giving and I am especially thankful that God takes care of our needs!

My daughter now has an entire bedroom suite for under $50 that I hope will last her until she moves out!! Or at least until she’s a teenager and we can buy a new suite. πŸ™‚

I accented her room with more baby pink and teal accessories. Now I am working on making her a quilt!

So if you have some furniture you were thinking of throwing out, find cheap at a yard sale, or even better, something salvageable on the side of the road, if I can do it, you can do it!



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