Fall canvas painting, DIY

Of course, we all see so many canvas paintings that we love, it’s hard to narrow down any just one. I am sure I will add and have a collection over the years; it’s such fun! There were many I saw that I had some things I liked about them, but there would be something I didn’t like about it, so here is the painting that our class instructor came up with for my friends and I.


That’s what it looked like when I brought it home. Enter: Aspen! Hahaha…I’m a little bit girly and I love glitter on almost everything (the only thing stopping me is my hubby!). So, I had to put my own touch on it when I got home, plus personalize it a bit…


First, I added some glitter. I use a craft spray glitter on everything (it doesn’t leave a white look; it dries clear) and it’s super easy! So it’s totally worth the money.

Then, I added an adhesive initial from Hobby Lobby:


Here it is with the stencil on my dining room wall (that I removed after Thanksgiving):


Now I am inspired to make my own canvases for every holiday and season! All you need is a blank canvas, paint brushes, and acrylic paint!! Happy painting!


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