Newest Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Here are a few of the new things our elves did this past December. If you’re looking for new ideas, here they are!

Twinkle set up everything for a fun gingerbread house decorating party with friends! He even had his own house that he made. ๐Ÿ™‚




Twinkle and Snowflake built their own Minecraft wall and blocked off the hallway. Luckily, there are two entrances. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Snowman surprises for a snow day or the first day of winter! We homeschool, so for us, it’s the first day of winter and we do a whole snowman theme.


Snowman donuts for breakfast and snowman pizza for lunch!

If your child has a collection of something and you got something new to add to it, you can have the Elf welcoming the new toys! In our case, pez dispensers that once they are empty, they don’t care about and I have a hard time throwing away, lol!


One thing I do is save their art work for a couple of months when we start doing holiday stuff around Thanksgiving and Christmas (or if you have room to store from the year before to have more Christmas art) to donate to the nursing home and children’s ICU in the hospital. You can also send their art to veteran’s and soldiers deployed! Every little bit helps. Another thing we have done is host a card making party with all the supplies and my children’s friends come decorate cards that we send to our service men and women (we live in a military town, so it makes it easy to get a few addresses!).



This one isn’t quite “new,” but we are going to do this every year (it’s only our 2nd year doing the candy cane scavenger hunt, but it’s such a hit with them, we do it a couple of times and we do it with cousins).


This also isn’t quite “new,” but the faux donuts are!! lol. For the last 3 years I have spent time making donuts from cheerios and it’s not like the children eat those, so they get wasted. This year I bought faux “elf” donuts from the section in Michaels that has all the gnome/elf miniatures. There are SO many miniatures to choose from; I seriously want almost all of them! Eeek! I see an obsession coming on, haha.



If you’re not into decorating gingerbread houses (I have known some people that don’t like doing them), you can opt to just have gingerbread crafts! Some window clings and anything my daughter can paint is always a hit! I love these tiny gingerbread figurines!


This was by far my daughter’s favorite thing the elves did this year! They (you know that means me, right? rofl!!) used her Barbie traveling house to set it up like they are living in it for Christmas! Complete with lights, a countdown calendar like ours, a tree, and a yummy Christmas meal! I made the turkey, hot cocoa mug, and plate of cookies out of polymer clay!




If you have a train set, you can set your elves in the train cars (if they fit – I really had to squeeze Snowflake in! Don’t tell, but I think she needs to cut back on cookies this year!).


This year we took a trip to Auntie’s house for Christmas, so I had to make goodie bags for the ride. They are full of things to keep them entertained on the way, some snacks, and even some movies! I bought a new one for each of them, but in addition, I rent 1-2 from Redbox before we get on the road since we can return them anywhere!


So following the idea I had when I made the Elf Photo Booth in the previous Elf Ideas post (when I made a tri-foldย board cutout for the children and elf to pose together), I thought I could get another kind of photo with my daughter and her elf if I attached her with a bow or glue dots to the frame. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for next year and this is as close as I could get because my frame broke as I unloaded it from the vehicle at my sister’s house for Christmas. :/


This was the tri-fold photo booth I made at the beginning of December that seemed to end up being really popular because then I saw many Moms make them and post on the ย FB site we were all on for EotS, lol. At least I had 1 good idea!! ๐Ÿ˜€


This year our elves got into the Grinchy spirit for a movie night with their own furry outfits! ๐Ÿ™‚


Twinkle was a conductor for our Polar Express movie night!


I made a Gingerbread House for Twinkle and Snowflake (personalized with their name!) out of foam board.


Their gingerbread outfits I made out of felt. I didn’t have a pattern, so those were harder than I thought they would be. Warning for next year: prepare outfits at least a month (if not 2) in advance!


This one was last year’s picture, but in case you missed it: parachuting in with the elves! These parachute elves can be bought from OT and I suspended them with curling ribbon (because at the time, we didn’t have fishing line) and used kabob sticks taped on the underside to keep the chute flared out.


Hope you liked these ideas! Would love to know if you have new ideas that you found to be a hit this past Christmas. I will be making a filled in calendar for 2016 and if you want to add a photo, please message me. ๐Ÿ™‚






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