New Year’s Eve for Children!

I’m a Mom…so I don’t know about you, but that means I spend my New Year’s Eve at home with my children. And I don’t mind! I love experiencing fun days with them and not hearing about it second hand from family or friends (we don’t have a sitter). Although we don’t stay up til midnight, we still try to make a fun countdown to bedtime, not midnight. Here are a few things we did:


I wrote out some fun activities on paper and rolled them, put them in a balloon, aired it up, and tacked it onto a corkboard. Thank goodness I didn’t toss that! 🙂 We had from dinner til bathtime to do some activities…

I let my son pop the balloon with a tack (my daughter is scared of loud noises, so we ended up doing the rest in the other room for her)


The first activity was to play their favorite board game!


The next activity was to decorate their cupcakes!


Then, they decorated their “champagne” glasses that they got grape juice in…



He wanted to open it himself! I think she’s waiting as patiently as a girl can. 😉

The last activity was for a NYE bath with bubbles, balloons, glow sticks, and some bath paints! Then, it was off to story time and tucking in…for us all! 🙂 Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve!


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