Christmas Decor Ideas

Today I wanted to post our silver and white (and just a touch of gold) Christmas decor for an idea for your tree, mantle, and coffee (cocktail) table!

We used new lights this year (an idea I read on another blog) to make it “pop,” but it didn’t quite have the effect we were going for. Why? Because traditional Christmas lights have a slightly yellow, antique-y look to them when up against new, LED lights that give off a true white, almost blue tint. Oh well! Next year, either all new LED lights or out with the (this years’ new) lights and find some large “old style light” strands.  Also, I think our tree grows more every year, lol. We definitely need more so some kind of lights! So here is what our living room looks like with some silver and white decor (and the fresh, real greenery):


The new LED bulbs definitely stand out, to me. They almost wash out the traditional small (regular) strands. It does look more special in person, though! Our mantle is decorated with a mesh garland I made last year and I added in the greenery from what was sawed off the bottom of the tree.


For an easy, inexpensive table centerpiece, I took our round aluminum tray and added the candlesticks (which these are from Dollar Tree!), laid the greenery around them and add some small decor. I wanted to use more white and rather than strands of beads, I thought the pearls would look prettier.


For the side table, I used more of the leftover greenery from our tree and just added in some picks I had.  Next year, I am hoping to have the lighted branches to add to this!!



Our tree is in silver, white, and wrapped with a gold fabric (from a roll) and the new lights behind one of the sections is making the gold pop more than the others, but I promise you, it’s all a gold fabric! 🙂


Here is what it looks like at night:






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