Elf on the Shelf Accessories

Here is a compilation that I have (so far) of EotS accessories…and I don’t mean his couture clothing line.  I mean the fun stuff!!  Little cute things that can fit in your child’s stocking and some may fit in your advent calendar boxes!

From Kohls:


Ok, ok…so this one thing is a couture outfit, but only because it’s soooo cute – I mean, it’s the Elf himself! Cute, right?! Also from Kohls is an EotS chalkboard ornament that is just too adorable (and it won’t let me share a pic).

You can find nail polish, chapstick, and bath sets from Kohls, Target, and Walmart (so far), as well as cupcake liners, treat bags, and icing decorations.





You can find this bakers set for your elf and your little one at Target!


Michaels (Arts and Craft Store) sells play packs.  I had to grab a few because they come in so handy!  Perfect for trips, stocking stuffers, goodies for my themed days. 🙂


Michaels is also where you can find elf mints!


Looking for more candy??

You can find chocolates and hot cocoa at Target…mmmm!



Toys”R”Us sells  this coloring book that makes a cute stocking stuffer:


Last, but not least, Dollar Tree sells a stationary pencil and eraser official EotS set…


I hope to keep my list updated as I continue shopping this season.  🙂  If you know of more official EotS items that would be perfect stocking stuffers or even fit in an advent box, feel free to share!


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