Elf on the Shelf Filled In Calendar 2015

This is roughly what I will go by for our own activities this season with our elves.  This may not work for everyone, of course, but hopefully it helps you plan yours out, too.  If you’re wondering about the ones that are themed days, those have their own posts if you check my archives and I do them every year and just keep adding on! 🙂  I also have a list for each of those themed days on what I need ahead of time: like what to make, what to buy, what to print, etc.  I will post those soon.

Generally, our month looks the same the first week of December every year.  We like our traditions and the children still love being surprised with what Twinkle does (they haven’t figured out it’s the same for the first 4 days, yet 😀 ).

Most everything is self explanatory, and the ones that aren’t are either previously in my blog or will be as I do them this season.  I can’t wait to see what new things everyone comes up with this year!


Filled 2015 Elf Calendar


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